Cpl. Walter Brown, 20th Battalion

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Walter Ernest Brown was born in Tasmania and worked as a grocer before enlisting in the Australian Army. He served in Egypt before transferring to the Western Front and the 20th Battalion.
Cpl Walter Brown 20th Battalion was also awarded the VC as follows for his actions in 1918:
For most conspicuous bravery and determination when with an advanced party from his battalion which was going into the line in relief.
The company to which he was attached carried out during the night a minor operation resulting in the capture of a small system of enemy trench. Early on the following morning an enemy strong post about seventy yards distant caused the occupants of the newly captured trench great inconvenience by persistent sniping. Hearing that it had been decided to rush this post, Corporal Brown, on his own initiative crept out along the shallow trench and made a dash towards the post. An enemy machine gun opened fire from another trench and forced him to take cover. Later he again dashed forward and reached his objective. With a Mills Grenade in his hand he stood at the door of a dug-out and called on the occupants to surrender. One of the enemy rushed out, a scuffle ensued, and Corporal Brown knocked him down with his fist. Loud cries of "Kamerad" were then heard, and from the dug-out an officer and eleven other ranks appeared. This party Corporal Brown brought back as prisoners to our line, the enemy meanwhile from other positions bringing heavy machine-gun fire to bear on the party.

Brown survived the war, married and settled down and that really should have been the end of our story. However when WW2 started he enlisted back into the army despite being too old. His unit sailed for Singapore where on February 15th 1942, Brown's regiment moved up to the front line to make a final stand. Sources disagree as to what happened to Brown after this. When the order to surrender came, some witnesses alleged him to have calmly picked up some grenades and said: "No surrender for me", before walking towards the enemy lines never to be seen again. Other sources state he tried to escape with members of his unit but was captured by the Japanese and executed, his body has never been recovered.

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