General Sir John Monash

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General Sir John Monash is considered one of the greatest Australian officers of all time. His Jewish family originally came from what was then Germany, the family emigrating to Australia in the 19th century.
Monash was recognized for his intelligence from an early age and his family encouraged his education. He graduated from Melbourne with a Masters in Engineering and a Degree in Law later on. He enlisted in his local Militia pre WW1 and during WW1 he initially commanded the 13th infantry brigade. He later went on to command the Australian Corps on the western front. He was responsible for the planning and successful attack at Amiens which saw the Allies finally breakthrough the German lines en masse. He was knighted on the Battlefield by King George V a few days later, the first time this had happened in 200 years.

This depiction of Monash in military uniform also comes with the medal presentation table.

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