French Ambulance with Drivers Prototypes

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This is a Consignment Sale set we are offering. They come in their original boxes and are in like-new condition.

John Jenkins Designs PFLAMB-01-02-03 French Ambulance with Drivers Prototypes
You will receive the painted metal version of PFLAMB-01 and the unpainted Prototypes of PFLAMB-02 and PFLAMB-03 as shown.
This set was part of the 2016 Chicago Toy Soldier Show JJD Treasure Hunt.

Baron Dominique Jean Larrey served as Surgeon-in-chief of the French Napoleonic armies from Italy in 1797 to Waterloo in 1815. During this time, he implemented the modern method of having an Army Surgery, field hospitals and a system of ambulances.

After he had seen the speed with which the carriages of the French artillery managed to maneuver around the battlefields, Larrey adapted a similar system of Ambulances for rapid transportation of the wounded, and also manned them with trained crews of drivers, and litter bearers.

Larrey also increased the mobility and improved the organization of field hospitals, effectively creating a forerunner of the modern MASH units. He established a rule for the triage of war casualties, treating the wounded according to the seriousness of their injuries and urgency of need for medical care, regardless of their rank or nationality. Soldiers of enemy armies, as well as those of the French and their allies, were treated.