Military Police M151 'Mutt Jeep'

Price: $89.00


Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Designed in 1951, the Mutt was the US Army's preferred choice to replace its fleet of Willy's Jeeps. Seeing service in huge numbers in Vietnam, the Mutt proved a useful light utility transport vehicle and came in a variety of versions. The Mutt continued in service long after the Vietnam war ended and was sold to approximately 15 other countries, some 100,000 units being manufactured in total.
This 1/30th scale Mutt comes as a standalone accessory piece and can be used in a multitude of dioramas as a backdrop or even as a barricade in a Vietnam street with a bunch of GI's hunkering behind it!
Comes with detachable steering wheel. A driver is being sculpted as we speak for this vehicle and the Dodge WC52 recently released.

Limited edition of 40.