Lazarist Knights Bonus Set

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King & Country

Combine all 5 Lazarist fighting figures: MK180, MK196, MK197, MK198 and MK199) for an instant scene!

The Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem, also known as the Leper Brothers or simply, Lazarists, was a Catholic military order founded by crusaders around 1119 at a leper hospital in Jerusalem, whose care became its original purpose, named after their patron saint, Lazarus.
Although they were centered on the care for the afflicted they also notably fought in major battles and campaigns throughout the Holy Land and also in the Defense of Acre in 1291.
While their general military appearance and weapons were the same as other religious order the Lazarists adopted ‘green’ as their color of choice for symbolic emblems of crosses on shields, banners and surcoats to make them different from their Templar and Hospitaller brethren.