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Officer (Missing Arm), British Camel Corps, Egypt 1916, WWI

Price: $40.00
Retired - Last One!!!


Beau Geste

This is a single Officer who is missing his right arm from the British Camel Corps, Egypt 1916, WWI set BG377. It comes in a generic box. Arm is NOT included!

The Imperial Camel Corps Brigade (ICCB) was a camel-mounted infantry brigade that the British Empire raised in December 1916 during the First World War for service in the Middle East.

From a small beginning the brigade eventually grew to four battalions, one battalion each from Great Britain and New Zealand and two battalions from Australia. Support troops included a mountain artillery battery, a machine gun squadron, Royal Engineers, a field ambulance, and an administrative train.

The ICC became part of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force (EEF) and fought in several battles and engagements, in the Senussi Campaign, the Sinai and Palestine Campaign and in the Arab Revolt. The brigade suffered 246 men killed. The ICC was disbanded after the end of the war in May 1919.

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