"Story of Victory" GI Joe Collection

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Hasbro Collectibles Unforgettable Military Moments Series 

Made of resin on a wooden base.

Approximately 8" tall x 8" wide x 6" deep.

1st Edition #1455 P#577390500

The story of one crew's victory is shown in this highly detailed, handcrafted sculpture that depicts an F-4 Phantom pilot (seated) and his "R.E.O." (radio electronics operator). They are discussing the mission form which they have just returned. They received missile fire and were forced to take abrupt evasive maneuvers. Once they evaded the incoming threat, they fired air-to-ground missiles, similar to the one shown, at the enemy position. Their intended mission was accomplished and the adrenaline is still pumping as they debrief their close call and victory.