SNLF Attack - Wake Island

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This is a Consignment sale set we are offering. It comes in its original box.
Bayonets are snapped off both figures, one figure off his base, paint peeling/crazing.

Figarti Miniatures WIJ-004 SNLF Attack - Wake Island - 1/30th Scale
World War II Wake Island Figures
Limited Edition #45 of 70

The Battle of Wake Island began simultaneously with the attack on Pearl Harbor and ended on 23 December 1941, with the surrender of the American forces to the Empire of Japan. It was fought on and around the atoll formed by Wake Island and its islets of Peale and Wilkes Islands by the air, land, and naval forces of the Empire of Japan against those of the U.S., with Marines playing a prominent role on both sides.

The island was held by the Japanese for the duration of the Pacific War; the remaining Japanese garrison on the island surrendered to a detachment of United States Marines on 4 September 1945.