Mongol Heavy Cavalry Charging #1

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The Mongol cavalry was a well-trained, disciplined, tactical, resourceful and fearsome troop in the middle ages. They were free from the traditional European military thinking and established the world's largest empire. They were physically strong enough to adapt to the needs of combat. Led by an outstanding leader, they endured hardship and overcame the harsh climate conditions.
Mongol heavy cavalry is one of the important parts of Mongolian cavalry. Generally, the division of the light and heavy cavalry is divided according to the usage mode. About 40% of the typical Mongol cavalry are heavy cavalry engaged in the assault. Clad in armor, the armor was usually covered in leather, the outer mask scales, or the mail captured from the enemy, and the helmet worn at the time. Their horses normally had a small amount of leather armor. The main weapon of the heavy cavalry was the long spear, each soldier with a short machete or mace, hanging from the waist or on the saddle.