Tribes of Legend: Fantasy, Myths, Magic and Mayhem Gaming and Modelling in the World of Greek Gods and Legends

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Jake Thornton

There are many writings about ancient cultures lurking in the dusty books of academia, but few capture the imagination like the legends and myths of the ancient Greeks where heroes and monsters live or die in struggles for survival, honor and glory - all under the watchful gaze of their meddlesome gods.
These tales not only evoke images of warriors in gleaming bronze armor and beautiful women dressed in flowing white robes, but relate many wondrous stories of heroism and adventure, death and glory; the noble sacrifice of the 300 Spartans, the famous deception of the wooden horse and the voyage of Jason and the Argonauts to name but three.
This book contains not one, but three separate games set in this ancient world of myth, magic and monsters, ranging from full scale battles to a game for a single hero having to overcome all of the obstacles that mortals and gods in their whim and wisdom devise.
However, this book is much more than a collection of games for it also includes guides for building terrain on your tabletop and a series of step-by-step instructions on how to paint the models you might want to play with - the photographs in this book show the models at their best, in their natural habitat: heroes and monsters locked in honorable combat.
So what will be your first foray into this ancient realm? Are you a lone hero or a leader of armies?
Decide, and then summon your courage, offer your prayer and, whichever game you play, may the gods smile on you.

ISBN: 9781901543285
Pages: 112
Date Published: March 2012
Publisher: Foundry
Language: English
Editor: Martin Buck
Illustration: highly illustrated, full color throughout