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Corporal, Foreign Legion, France

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This is a Consignment sale item we are offering. It comes in bubble wrap and is in very good condition.
There is a small paint chip on the corner of the base.

Del Prado SOL033 Corporal, Foreign Legion, France

World War II Soldiers of the 20th Century Collection

From March 1939 to April 1941, ten European countries were defeated in campaigns in which Nazi Germany confirmed itself as the predominant European military power. Some defeated troops managed to escape and set up guerrilla units or flee to friendly countries. These emigre servicemen, fanatically anti-German and with priceless in-country knowledge, were valuable recruits for the clandestine warfare being developed by the British. Some joined 10th (Inter-Allied) Commando, others served in the Special Operations Executive (SOE) as agents sent to occupied territories on intelligence and sabotage missions, and to develop local resistance movements. Others volunteered to serve in the RAF and the Royal Navy.

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