15 Plastic Split Rail Fence Diorama Sections

Price: $15.00



This is a Consignment sale set we are offering. It comes in a plastic bag and is in like-new condition.
*Since these are plastic, some may need to be warmed to be straightened completely.

FIFTEEN sections of grey plastic split rail fence sections! Unknown Manufacturer.
Each section measures 4" long x 2" tall.
Each group will contain 30 uprights and 75 rails so you can build 15 separate sections. You can also join them up by putting 2 rails per hole. Get creative and even make some damaged sections if needed for your scene!
Use them as-is or add some dry brushing depth to them! Great to mass out for table top gaming or wargaming.
Appropriate for many eras from European battles to the American Revolution, American Civil War and more!