Imperial Roman Legio XIIII G.M.V. Legionary Standing with Pilum

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First Legion

The latest addition to the Glory of Rome product range, Legio XIIII Gemina Martia Victrix!
The Imperial Roman legions were the backbone of the Roman army constantly engaged across the Empire both defending and expanding her far flung borders in a wide variety of geography and climates. Legio XIIII is the second foray into presenting the Legions of Rome as they would have appeared in colder climates as well as the second legion to be released which took part in, among many other campaigns, the Dacian Wars. The Legion was initially formed in 57 BC by Julius Caesar and participated in the majority of major campaigns between its formation and 198 AD. It earned the name Gemina ("twins") when it was combined with another heavily reduced strength legion in 31 BC and Martia Victrix ("martial and victorious") after the victory in Britain in 61 AD. Capricorn was the emblem of the Legion.

For these particular figures, very special care was taken in the handed painted elements of the shield to achieve a very specific look that First Legion was after. **Because of the time consuming process of painting on the shields, they have produced fewer of these figures than they did with Legio XXX Ulpia Victrix.