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Standing Firing

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King & Country

Almost as important and invaluable as the figure above is the standing rifleman... Both men are armed with the standard Mauser K98 carbine/rifle.

In 1942 among the reinforcements being sent from Germany to Erwin Rommel’s ‘Afrika Korps’ in their assault towards the Suez Canal was a full brigade of Luftwaffe paratroopers (Fallschirmjagers) under the command of General Hermann-Bernhard RAMCKE. These crack troops (almost 3,000 strong) were attached to the Italian 25th Infantry Division ‘Bologna’ and fought at the Battle of El Alamein. Although incurring heavy losses and surrounded on all sides they managed to break out and capture a huge British supply column. In addition to looting all the much-needed supplies they also utilized the captured vehicles to transport the Brigade’s survivors back to the safety of the Axis lines. Throughout their service in North Afrika Ramcke’s men were famous for their audacious and bold fighting abilities... often against heavy odds. Their famous and well-deserved reputation and recognition was as much recognized and admired by their British enemy as well as their fellow Afrika Korps comrades.
This is the first of two releases of General Ramcke’s men... in action!

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