Anarchist Militia Woman

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Feminism has historically played a role alongside the development of anarchism; Spain is no exception. The CNTs '(Confederación Nacional del Trabajo) founding congress placed special emphasis on the role of women in the labor force and urged an effort to recruit them into the organization.
A Spanish anarchist group known as Mujeres Libres (Free Women) provided day-care, education, maternity centers, and other services for the benefit of women. The group had a peak membership of between 20,000 and 38,000. Its first national congress, held in 1937, with delegations from over a dozen different cities representing about 115 smaller groups. The statutes of the organization declared its purpose as being "To create a conscious and responsible feminine force that will act as a vanguard of progress; To establish for this purpose schools, institutes, lectures, special courses, etc., to train the woman and emancipate her from the triple slavery to which she has been and still is submitted: the slavery of ignorance, the slavery of being a woman, and the slavery of being a worker."

Gloss finish, 54mm