"One Hour After…"

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King & Country

The Führer, clutching a badly bruised right arm walks together with Field Marshal Keitel, Luftwaffe Chief Hermann Göring and Head of the Reich Chancellery Martin Bormann on their way to see the wounded officers.
A handful of photos survive of this short walk which proved to Germany and the world that Hitler had, once again survived a deadly attack. This 4-figure set is based on one of the photos.

On 20 July 1944, a group of senior Wehrmacht officers attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler using a time bomb hidden in a brief case placed next to Hitler during a meeting at the Fuhrer’s headquarters in East Prussia. The bomb exploded, killing and wounding several top officers attending the meeting ... It completely wrecked the room where the meeting was held ... But amazingly, Hitler escaped with relatively minor injuries!
Just a few hours later he emerged, seemingly intact, to see the destruction for himself and visit those wounded in the blast.