The American Bomber Boys

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Martin W. Bowman

Asked why he was in Britain, a US serviceman, fighting the war in the skies over Germany with the US 8th Air Force quipped, ‘We're here to win the war for you'. The men of the US 8th AF dropped more bombs on Germany and Italy than any other air force, with most of their raids being in daylight. Martin Bowman has spent much of the past two decades recording the memories of hundreds of American airmen who came to Britain to fight the Germans and Italians.

Giving a unique insight into both combat missions and life back at base, he has managed to compile a fascinating oral history of the war through the words of the men who took it direct to the heart of both Germany and Italy, men who risked their lives daily in the search for freedom for occupied Europe. A fascinating history from the voices of the American airmen who flew daily from bases in East Anglia to the heart of Germany.

Date Published : June 2013
Publisher : Amberley
Illustration : 100 illustrations
ISBN : 9781445608587
Pages : 320