Standing Firing - Hatless

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King & Country

In any extended firing line it helps to have a little variety ... and here is one ... minus his ‘bearskin’ of course.

The “Old Guard” (les Vielle Garde) were the elite veteran elements of the Emperor Napoleon’s Imperial Guard. As such they were the most loyal and prestigious formation in Bonaparte’s Grande Armee. Other French soldiers often called them “The Immortals”. Many of the men that made up the Old Guard were veterans of Napoleon’s earlier campaigns and were hand-selected for their courage ... military skills and ... above average height.
Although disbanded first in 1814 they returned to duty in 1815 when upon Napoleon’s return from exile they reformed to fight at Waterloo. The regiment was tasked with protecting the field position around the Emperor on the day of battle and suffered grievously being the rearguard that allowed Napoleon to flee the field after this final defeat.

Additional figures for scale purposes only.