Ensign Langy

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John Jenkins Designs SF-07 Ensign Langy
Battle on Snowshoes

Limited Edition #309 of 350.

Jean-Baptiste Levreault de Langis de Montegron (Langy) was known as Montcalm’s favourite scout. On November 2, 1757, Montcalm wrote to Governor Vaudreuil in praise of Langy, “Sieur Langis de Montegron has never ceased being used for the most interesting of scoutings, also the most laborious, and who has always distinguished himself.” Especially after the famous Battle on Snowshoes, Langy appeared to become the nemesis of Rogers’ Rangers, constantly a thorn in their side. He has been praised as “the most famous of the French Canadian partisans,” “the Rangers’ most daring rival,” and the “Rangers’ most daring adversary.” The last mention of Langy is in Pierre Pouchot’s journal, ‘Memoirs on the Late War in North America Between France and England’, “This officer, the best leader of raids among the colonial troops, was unfortunately drowned while trying to cross a river in a canoe with two of his men”.