"The Duel" Robert the Bruce and Henry de Bohun

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King & Country's MK083(SL) "The Duel" Robert the Bruce and Henry de Bohun
Certificate #287 of 750

This great two-piece vignette captures the moment when the Scottish King is about to bring his battle axe down on de Bohun’s head!

In Scotland in 1314, the nation was still under English rule… the times however were about to change and the Scots were about to challenge the might of the English Crown… During my schooldays (many moons ago) every Scottish school boy knew the story of the Battle of Bannockburn when King Robert the Bruce won Scotland’s freedom from England and the rule of Edward II.
One of the most famous events of the battle actually happened the day before… Robert the Bruce was in front of his small Scottish Army when an English Knight… Sir Henry de Bohun detached himself from the much larger English Army and charged his heavy war horse across the heath that separated both forces and headed straight for The Bruce.
De Bohun lowered his lance and prepared to “spear” the lightly armed Bruce from his saddle… At the last minute Bruce neatly sidestepped his own mount and brought down his battle axe on de Bohun’s helmet, cleaving it and its owner’s head in two! A great cheer went up from the Scots… a loud collective groan from the English…

Limited Edition of 750.