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Officer with Colonel's Colour, French Infantry, Regiment de Bearn

Price: $59.00
Retired - Last One!!!


John Jenkins Designs

The two battalions of this regiment operated on different theatres of operation for most of the Seven Years War. The 1st Battalion remained in Europe while the 2nd was sent to Canada. The Colonel's Colour remained with the 1st Battalion in Europe.
The Colonel's Colours were a white field with a white cross (this was the regular colonel colour carried by most French infantry regiment). During the Seven Years' War, the regiment ranked 72nd and was under the command of, from 1735 to 1748, Vincent Sylvestre de Thimbrune, Comte de Valence and from January 1, 1748 to November 25, 1762, Chevalier de Thimbrune de Valence.
The regiment was disbanded on November 25 1762. Its grenadiers and officers were incorporated into the Grenadiers de France while its sergeants, corporals, fusiliers and drummers were offered the opportunity to serve at Saint-Domingue in the colonies by joining the Boulonnais, Foix or Quercy regiments.

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