The Battle of Chippawa, 2 Figures Kneeling Loading

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John Jenkins Designs USCH-04 The Battle of Chippawa,  2 Figures Kneeling Loading
The War of 1812

Except in the area of small arms fire, American and British drill differed little during this period The U.S. army was the only fighting force of the day which had its soldiers aim their weapons and fire in their own time. So distinct was the different firing methods that at the earlier Battle of Crysler’s Farm, the family hiding in the farmer’s basement could distinguish the Americans’ irregular “pop, pop, pop” from the regular volleys of fire from the British army, which sounded “like a tremendous roll of thunder”.

This release of these figures in different stages of loading, will allow that extra variety to be added to the look of the U.S. firing line.