Imperial Roman Praetorian Guard with Spear #3

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First Legion

This First Legion release covers the Imperial Roman Praetorian Guard! While the first set of figures portrayed the Praetorians marching, this time they are portrayed heavily engaged in combat protecting Emperor Marcus Aurelius. The Roman Praetorian Guard served as the personal bodyguard of the Emperors.

In addition to their political role of being the strongest armed military force within Rome, they took part in various campaigns and battles, including those of Marcus Aurelius. Imperial Roman Praetorian Guard Legions were the equal of any Roman Legion in terms of combat effectiveness, or even superior. These figures are in combat poses, designed to be fully engaged with the enemies of Rome.

Imperial purple colors, black leather lorica segmentata, and spear, complete this striking item! ROM104 is in the perfect pose to stand shoulder to shoulder with them soldiers of his cohort, making a formation that bristles with hastae (spears).