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1st Grenadier Foot Guards Sergeant, Light Company, Waterloo, Silver on a Presentation Base

Price: $1,275.00



An 8" scale statuette of a Sergeant of the Light Company, 1st Foot Guards at Waterloo in 1815. The 1st Foot Guards (later Grenadier Guards) won fame during the battle as they held one of the most contested areas of the ridge during the day. In the evening when Napoleon decided to commit his famed Imperial Guards, the 1st Foot Guards bore the brunt of the attack. The Imperial Guard reached the crest of the Allied position but at the vital moment the Guards rose up to deliver a series of devastating volleys of fire which drove back the Frenchman forcing them to retire in disorder. After the heroic efforts of the Grenadiers, the battle was as good as won.

This figure is made with electro-formed silver plating and is presented on a mahogany base.

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