Dominique You (No Box)

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W. Britain's #17523 Dominique You
The Americana Series

Like so many of the men who followed Pierre and Jean Lafitte, Dominique You lived a life cloaked in mystery. He was born in Haiti in 1775 and eventually joined the army of Revolutionary France as an artillerist, and he accompanied the expeditionary force that the ill-fated General Victor Leclerc led to Santo Domingo in 1802 to quell Toussaint l’Ouverture’s slave revolt. After yellow fever killed Leclerc and decimated the French forces, You made his way to New Orleans and cast his lot with the Lafitte brothers. Dominique You soon became the Lafittes’ most respected lieutenant. When the British sent an army to capture New Orleans in late 1814, You offered his services to Major General Andrew Jackson. You formed an artillery company composed of the best gunners drawn from the pirate crews who populated the Lafittes’ den at Barataria. You and his followers performed with such courage and deadly effectiveness in repulsing the British attack on January 8, 1815, that General Jackson praised them in his general order of January 21 for "having shown uncommon gallantry and skill in the field."