Alamo Texian and New Orleans Grey Wounded Soldiers (No Box)

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W. Britain's #17516 Alamo Texian and New Orleans Grey Wounded Soldiers - 2 Figure Set
The Americana Series

The 13-day siege of the Alamo symbolizes the place where many men eventually made the ultimate sacrifice against overwhelming odds and transformed a 100-year-old Franciscan mission into a national shrine.

On March 5, 1836, Santa Anna announced that he would storm the Alamo early on the following morning. He also directed that his troops should put all the defenders of the Texian fortress to the sword. Santa Anna’s decision dismayed many of his officers. They knew that the Mexican Army’s heavy siege artillery would arrive within two or three days. Once the big guns were in place, they could easily level the crumbling adobe walls of the former mission, which would leave the garrison with no choice but to capitulate. Santa Anna overruled his subordinates by insisting, "An assault would infuse our soldiers with that enthusiasm of the first triumph that would make them superior in the future to those of the enemy." In reality, a deserter from the Alamo had informed Santa Anna that the garrison, discouraged by a lack of reinforcements, was contemplating surrender. The generalissimo wanted to take the Alamo in a spectacular massacre to terrorize Texas rebels. He got his wish, but more Mexican blood would flow in the coming battle than Texian.