WWII US Marines "Ready"

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This is a Consignment sale piece we are offering. It comes in bubble wrap and is in like new condition.

Forward March figures by Corgi - US59109 WWII US Marines "Ready"
1/32nd scale

Chest out, standing at attention, this artists rendition of the perfect square-jawed sergeant of the U.S. Marine Corps adorned tens of thousands of recruiting posters that were liberally plastered all over towns and cities across America during the early years of World War II. Representing the backbone of the 'Corps' he is wearing the famous Marine Blue Dress uniform that has been synonymous with this US Navy controlled elite fighting force since the late 29th century. A battle hardened non-commissioned officer; the sergeant boasts single service stripes just above the cuffs of his jacket, denoting that he has already served a four-year enlistment.

The military recruiting poster has been a vital part of recruiting for centuries. In the 20th Century the posters became more colorful and even collectible. Forward March paid tribute to the artists and recruits themselves with the introduction of this collection based on famous recruiting posters. Each set includes a figure based on the poster and a full-color reproduction of the poster to display next to the figure.