WWII USAAF Recruiting Figure "Coming Right Up!"

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Forward March figures by Corgi - US59112 WWII USAAF Recruiting Figure "Coming Right Up!"
1/32nd scale
Limited Edition 887/1000

Lockheed's P-38 Lightning was the US Army Air Force's glamour fighter for much of World War II, and it was a natural choice for this 1944-period recruiting posting. His gaze transfixed by a formation of P-38Js. The young pilot in this painting is adorned in typical flying apparel of the time for operations in the European theatre. This consists of A-flying coveralls (complete with the USAAF shoulder flash), over which a B-3 life preserver has been donned. He is holding a Royal Air Force Type C lying helmet, USAAF issue B-7 goggles and an A-14 oxygen mask in his right hand, and B-8 parachute over his left shoulder.

The military recruiting poster has been a vital part of recruiting for centuries. In the 20th Century the posters became more colorful and even collectible. Forward March paid tribute to the artists and recruits themselves with the introduction of this collection based on famous recruiting posters. Each set includes a figure based on the poster and a full-color reproduction of the poster to display next to the figure.