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USMC Rifleman - USMC Rifleman Enduring Freedom Afghanistan

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Khaki Army

This is a damaged KA010 from Khaki Army.

The Sight on the tip of the rifle has been snapped off but is included!  Could easily be glued back on almost seamlessly.

1:6th Scale, 12.5 inches tall.

Khaki Army’s Enduring Freedom US marine represents a 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade (2MEB) rifleman on patrol.
Most of his clothing and equipment are USMC issue, including MCCU fatigues, issue ballistic armor vest & pouches, and hydrapak. He carries the USMC issue M16A4 rifle fitted with ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) and 3-point sling.
The sculpture is detailed down to rendered camouflage and the embossed EGA (Eagle, Globe & Anchor) on his boot heel sides. Although his equipment and weapon specifications are quite specific, the USMC traditions of soldiering carry on in this sculpture into modern times.

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