SS Officer, Mountain Division, Germany 1944

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Del Prado

This is a damaged SOL010 from Del Prado.  There are a number of paint chips on this figure as shown.  It also comes just bubble-wrapped (no original packaging).

Among the many different Nazi groups active in Germany between the wars, the most significant was the part-time, voluntary organization of bully-boys known as the Sturmabteilungen or SA the brown-shirts or storm troopers. A direct descendant of the Freikorps movement of 191821, the SA was headed by Ernst Roehm, as much a rival as an ally of Hitler. By 1929 its membership was more than a quarter of a million. In the early 1920s a tiny group was formed within the SA as Hitlers personal bodyguard, originally the Stosstruppe Adolf Hitler, this later became the SS Schutz Staffeln, or protection squads. Dispersed around Germany, the SS had no more than 280 members in 1929. In that year a colorless nonentity named Heinrich Himmler was given command of the SS, largely because he was totally safe. By 1933 there were 30,000 members against a total SA membership of three million.