Emperor Marcus Aurelius

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First Legion

The Romans dominated the ancient world for a period of at least 700 years, first via the Roman Republic and later under the rule of the Emperors. This fascinating period of history lends itself to being recreated in hand painted metal miniatures and First Legion brings the Glory that was Ancient Rome to life. The figures can be used for military conflicts against various enemies, such as; the Dacians, Parthians, Gauls, Celts, etc. from the 1st Century AD up to the period of the Late Roman Empire. So prepare for the Roman Empire to rise once more in spectacularly produced miniature!

Emperor Marcus Aurelius was the last of the Five Good Emperors that ruled over the Roman Empire at its peak. He's seen here in campaign wear, as he so often was during his reign. Even though war raged during much of his life, he preserved and expanded the Empire, earning the his place as one of the 'Good Emperors.'