Standing Firing Rifle

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King & Country

This Commando is using the Second World War version of the great Lee Enfield rifle...The No.4 Mk.I, began to be issued in 1941 and the Commandos were among the first units to receive the new revised weapon.

Shortly after Dunkirk when the British Army had just escaped, by the skin of its teeth, from the Germans, Prime Minister Winston Churchill was already planning to strike back at the enemy. Although he knew that Britain was incapable of any large-scale offensives against the all-conquering Nazi hordes he did recognize that they were vulnerable to surprise raids and attacks on their now vastly expanded European “Empire”…
But he was going to need some special men with special skills who could think and act “outside of the box” militarily. Thus was born “The Commandos”. Small, highly trained, independently minded units of crack fighting soldiers who could “hit and run” where the enemy least expected it and disappear before the enemy could effectively react.

K&C’s new “Commandos” portray the all-volunteer unit as they would have appeared in action in mid war 1942/43.
No less than 12 face-blackened Commandos take part in this, our first raid on enemy territory. An officer and two sergeants lead a crew of cut throats on a mission to take out an enemy position somewhere in occupied Europe…