Emperor Napoleon

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First Legion

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First Legion is pleased to present thier rendition of the Emperor himself, Napoleon Bonaparte mounted on his horse Marengo. Born in Corsica in 1769 Napoleon attended the French military schools at Brienne and later the elite Ecole Royale Militaire. Strong in math, his specialty was the artillery and he would go on to favor this arm of the service throughout his career. At the age of 22 he became a lieutenant and achieved renown at Toulon two years later where he commanded the artillery and destroyed several English ships and drove them from the harbor. He was then awarded command of the army of Italy and it was during this time that he was first able to show his battlefield genius, driving a superior Austrian force out of Italy in a series of stunning victories at Montenotte, Mondovi, Arcola, and Rivoli. Success on the battlefield and support of the French Army lead him into politics where he was elevated to consul for France for life and crowned himself Emperor in 1804.

Seeking to crush the ideals of the French Revolution which challenged the legitimacy of all European monarchs, France was set upon by all of the major European powers. He defeated Austria and Russia in 1805, Prussia in 1806, and Russia again in 1807 in a stunning series of victories at Austerlitz, Jean Auerstadt, and Friedland.

At this point, Napoleon ruled nearly the whole of continental Europe. After a successful campaign in Austria in 1809, the seeds of Napoleon's downfall were sewn with the ill-advised invasion of Russia in 1812. Though he was able to win the majority of the battles, the Russians never capitulated and his army was destroyed by weather and disease. Sensing that the time was right, the European powers rose up against the French in the 1813 campaign in Saxony which culminated in the Battle of Leipzig leading to the inevitable defeat of the France and abdication of his throne in 1814. He return in 1815 for 3 months and the campaign of the 100 days and was defeated by the Anglo Prussian army at Waterloo. There is much debate of whether Napoleon was a great man or a ruthless dictator who kept Europe at war for nearly 20 years. One thing is certain, however, and that is that the petit corporal was one of the greatest military genius' in the history of the warfare.