US 101st Airborne Paratrooper .30 Cal Browning MG Team

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First Legion

The 101st Division jumped into Normandy during the first hours of June 6th, 1944 but missed drop zones caused loss of unit cohesion. After fighting by isolated groups of troops, the division regrouped and captured St. Come du Mont on June 8th. They fought for the causeways to Utah Beach on June 10th. On June 12th they attacked the town of Carentan, defeating the Fallschirmjagers, or German Paratroopers. Carentan had to be held against intense counterattacks to the southwest by SS Panzergrenadiers of the 17th Division and Fallschirmjagers supported by artillery guns on June 13th in the Battle of Bloody Gulch. After days of fighting, the Division was assigned to the role of defending the left flank of VII Corps. Soon after that, they were removed from the line and assigned to the operational reserve. They had taken heavy casualties in men and material.

While the .30 caliber Browning MG was overmatched by the German MG42 in most areas, the Airborne were still happy to have some kind of suppressive fire on their side.