Medium Mark A, Whippet Tank, "Musical Box" A/6 344

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John Jenkins Designs

The Medium Mark A Whippet was a British tank of World War I. It was intended to complement the slower British heavy tanks by using its relative mobility and speed in exploiting any break in the enemy lines. Possibly the most successful British tank of World War I, the Whippet was responsible for more German casualties than any other British tank of the war. Whippets later took part in several of the British Army's postwar actions, notably in Ireland and North Russia.

The Whippet tank number 344, was named “Musical Box”, and was under the command of Lt.C.B Arnold. The exploits of Arnold and his 2 crew on the 8th August 1918, has been called the “greatest mechanical cavalry charge of the war”. 1/30th Scale, approximately 8" x 3 5/8" x 3 1/2".

The model comes with a choice of 2 hatches, (open hatch and closed). The hatch on this model does not come hinged.

Figures are for scale purposes only.