Prussian 7th Line Infantry Regiment NCO

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First Legion

A non-commissioned officer marches with his distinctive pike shouldered. Sergeants and other NCOs carried long pikes so that the private soldiers could easily find them in a crowd.

Fought from 1756 through 1763, the Seven Years' War entangled the major world powers and was fought not only in Europe, but throughout various colonial holdings around the world. First Legion’s intent with the range is to cover the European part of the conflict in detail, and they started off with the Battle of Kunersdorf fought on August 12th 1759 between the Prussians and a combined Austro-Russian Army.

Kunersdorf was by far the biggest fiasco of the Prussian Military until their dismemberment at the hands of Napoleon's Grande Armee in 1806 at the twin battles of Jena-Auerstadt. It may seem strange to cover the greatest defeat of Frederick the Great, who was certainly the finest military mind of the age, but First Legion feels that the battle offers a variety of interesting troops, attacks and counterattacks, and cavalry charges to bring to life in stunningly hand painted metal miniatures. It was a battle that Frederick won in the morning, but then lost in the afternoon as he continued to press the attack over the strenuous protest of the Prussian generals. The Prussians struggled through poor terrain, against strong allied positions, and in extremely hot weather. Frederick's attacks finally ground to a halt due to a combination of fierce resistance, thirst, and exhaustion of the Prussian troops. When the Austro-Russian force counterattacked the Prussian army fell to pieces.