69th New York Zouaves Charging

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Forward March FM10006 69th New York Zouaves Charging - American Civil War

1/32nd Scale

At one point during the constant seesaw fighting that raged across Henry House Hill for much of the afternoon of July 21, 1861, the 69th was sent in with the 38th New York to try and retake the Union cannons that had been lost earlier that day. The 69th and the 38th New York succeeded in breaking through the Confederate lines, but only briefly.
The 69th carries the flag presented to them by supporters who approved of the units refusal to march in a parade honoring the British Prince of Wales during his 1860 visit to New York City. The Company K Zouaves are dressed in a uniform trimmed in red with a green sash. Some appear with the distinctive havelock on their kepis, which was meant to keep the heat off of the neck but instead only made it hotter and more uncomfortable.