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"Prince" Rogers' Servant

Price: $39.00


John Jenkins Designs

From mid 1758 until 1762, Rogers’ servant was known to be a young black man named “Prince”. He was to accompany Rogers on the St. Francis Raid.
In the eighteenth century, servants were often referred to as “belonging” to a particular master. In the military this meant that the servant was usually clothed in the master’s cast-off clothing. The main reference to Prince is in 1762 when Rogers’ brother James placed an advertisement in the “Boston Weekly Post-Boy” November 22nd 1762. “Ran away from me the Subscriber at Londonderry, in the Province of New Hampshire, on the 18th September, a Man Servant named Prince about 40 years of age, about 5 feet 5 inches high, speaks good English.” It was reported that Prince had first run away from Major Rogers in 1760.
Previously Rogers’ servant had been with him for many years. During the Battle of Snowshoes they became separated, and the servant found himself travelling with Captain Henry Pringle, and Lieutenant Boyle Roche. Pringle wrote that during the retreat , “one night the servant, straggled from us, where he sat down, fell asleep and died immediately, tho a very strong man.”
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