Advancing w/Rifle & Bayonet

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King & Country

Carefully making his way forward this G.I. is taking no chances, bayonet fixed and crouched low to reduce his profile. He could be using cover from the hedgehogs that dotted the invasion sites on D-Day, a hedgerow deeper in France, or any number of diorama accessories.

The US Army issued the M1 Bayonet after recalling a large number of the M1942 model, cutting down existing stock and shortening the length of new production models to 10 inches (down from 16 inches previously). The M1 saw successful use in the European theater, though many troops in the Pacific retained their original issue, as the Japanese Type 30 Sword Bayonet coupled with the long Arisaka Rifle tended to give a reach advantage to the foe when the shorter M1 Bayonet was used.