September is one of the biggest, busiest and most important months of the year for King & Country so, without further ado let’s get into it…




K&C’s latest offerings of WW2 German infantry and fighting vehicles and battlefield accessories has been neatly divided into two parts with the infantry and accessories coming in September (in time for the Chicago Show) and the fighting vehicles just over a month later.


WS082 “MG42 Set”. Three decidedly cold-looking German Soldaten man this MG42 set up in its “fixed-firing” tripod.


WS083 Hasso von Manteuffel. This General was one of Germany’s best and most able officers and in command of the famed “Grossdeutschland” Division in 1944. Here, he stands next to a tripod-mounted set of long-distance field telescopes.


WS084 “Winter Sledge”. A well-wrapped up Soldaten manfully pulls one of his wounded colleagues to a battlefield aid station.


WS085 “Prepare to Fire!”.A kneeling officer, flare pistol in hand, prepares to give the order to fire to a standing sniper.


WS086 “Moving Forward”.Whilst a kneeling rifleman covers him another “soldaten” moves forward with his machine pistol ready.




B. Defence Works & Strongpoints

SP025 “ Machine Gun Bunker” . A hand-painted polystone rendition of an earth and log defencework that can accommodate kneeling and lying prone defenders. This piece has several gun ports and a detachable roof. It can be displayed uncovered if desired, the choice is yours.


SP026 “Mortar Pit”. A three-sided earth and log defencework ideal for positing a mortar pit or a small command/radio group.


SP027 “Tank/Artillery Bunker”. Another, much larger three-sided earth and log defencework suitable for housing a small tank, an artillery piece or even for storing supplies and ammunition.




C. “CRUSADER Cross & Crescent”

An epic journey back in time to the cauldron of conflict that is the Middle East. A retelling of the dramatic events between two great civilizations that still shatter our world today.

            Last month we told you about how we conceived and developed this major new series. This month is the launch of the first exciting releases. From the feedback from many dealers (and more than a few collectors) this range of early Medieval figures and display pieces is going to be a winner!


MK001 “Mounted Knight w/ Lance”

MK002 “Foot Knight w/Sword & Shield”

MK003 “Foot Knight w/Sword & Crucifix”

MK004 “Mounted Knight w/Shield”

MK005 “Foot Soldier w/Spear”

MK006 “Foot Soldier w/Spear & Shield”

MK007Siege Tower

MK008 “Mounted Knight w/Flag”

MK009 “Standing Knight w/Sword & Shield”

MK010 “Standing Knight w/Flag & Shield”

MK011 “Fighting Knight w/Sword”

MK012 “Crossbowman Loading”

MK013 “Crossbowman Firing”

MK014 “Knight Fighting w/Axe & Shield”

MK015 “Charging Knight w/Axe & Shield”

MK016 “Fighting Bishop”

MK017 “Horn Blower”

MK018 “Attacking Knight w/Axe & Shield”

MK019 “Knight Drawing Sword”

MK020 “Man-at-arms Fighting w/Axe”

            Look out for even more Crusaders and a great selection of fighting Saracens to be released before the Festive Season.


AVAILABILITY: Mid September!



            A couple of months ago we released our first all-new Alamo figures in many years – The Mexican Army. Now it’s the turn of the gallant defenders of this little mission fort. All of the individual figures are named after actual Alamo defenders.

            We’ve also got Artillery sets for both the Texians defenders and the Mexican attackers plus two variations of the Texas Flag and a great Jim Bowie vignette piece. All in all enough to make a pretty spectacular battle scene.


RTA015 “Davy Crocket” of Tennessee. One the famous triumvirate (along with Bowie and Travis) who fought and died at the Alamo.


RTA016 “Jesse B. Bowman” of Tennessee


RTA017 “Robert Allen” of Virginia


RTA018 “William Johnson” of Pennsylvania


RTA019 “Colonel William B. Travis” of South Carolina. The young commander of the Alamo Garrison doomed to die at the beginning of the final assault.


RTA020 “Dolphin Ward Floyd” of North Carolina


RTA021 “Joseph Kerr” of Louisiana. One of a handful of New Orleans Grays” – a volunteer militia unit.


RTA022 “John McGregor” of Scotland. Several Scots fought at the Alamo, McGregor was said to have played his bagpipes during the siege.


RTA023 “Juan Seguin” of Texas. A member of a notable Tejano family Seguin was one of the couriers Travis sent out of the Alamo to seek help and reinforcements.


RTA024 “John Forsyth” of New York


RTA025 “John W. Thomson” of North Carolina


RTA026 “Isaac Ryan” of Louisiana


RTA027 “Juan A. Badillo” of Texas


RTA028 “John Davis” of Kentucky


RTA029 “Mexican Soldier Advancing”


RTA030 “Mexican Artillery” Set. Three besieging Mexican Artillerymen man their cannon and maintain their bombardment of the little mission


RTA031 “Mexican Artillery Officer”. Standing proudly this officer directs the fire of his men.


RTA032 Texian Artillery” Set. Three defending artillerymen fire their captured Mexican field piece. Most of these cannon were either French or Spanish made and used by both sides.


RTA033A “James Butler Bonham” of South Carolina. Bonham stands defiantly, sword in one hand, rifle in the other supporting the “1824” Republic of Texas Flag.


RTA033B the same figure as above but this time the standard is the world-famous Texas State Flag”.


RTA034 Bowie’s Last Battle” Set. Jim Bowie – knife fighter…adventurer… slave owner… and finally, one of the “holly trinity” of Alamo defenders. This dramatic display shows the fever-stricken Bowie pistoling ove of his Mexican attackers whilst the other soldier prepares to bayonet the bed-ridden figure.






A. BERLIN ‘38”

            Early in the month we have our latest “Berlin ‘38” releases. Many of you know just how popular, if politically incorrect, this series is with collectors. I’m sure these new individual pieces will not disappoint them…

            This first batch are all SS-Polizei or “Ordnungspolizei easily recognized by their distinctive grey/green uniforms with brown cuffs and collars and, of course, their traditional German police shako which dates back to the 19th Century.


LAH069 “SS-Polizei General Kurt Daluege the head of the Ordningspolizei of the uniformed police saluting.


LAH070 “SS-Polizei Officer w/ sword”. At attention, on parade, sword drawn.


LAH071 “SS-Polizei Standard Bearer”. At attention carrying the Party Banner.


LAH072 “SS-Polizei Presenting Arms”. Carrying the K98 Mausser with bayonet fixed.


LAH073 “SS-Polizei NCO”. A veteran Police Non Commissioned Officer inspecting his men.


The last of this Berlin ‘38” release shows men of the “Leibstandarte” in winter parade dress of long black great coats…


LAH074 “Marching SS man w/ Rifle”.


LAH075 “Marching SS officer w/ Sword”.


LAH076 “Marching SS standard Bearer w/ National Flag”.


LAH077 “At Attention, SS officer w/ Sword”.


LAH078 “Presenting Arms, SS man w/ Rifle”.





            As promised there are no less than three great new vehicles – large, medium and small to add on to our September “Winter Warriors”.


WS079 “WINTER HUMMEL”. A much requested self-propelled artillery piece to provide fire support for the ground troops. This large, camouflaged assault gun mounted on a Panzer IV chassis comes with 4 crew figures. With a light dusting of winter snow this model’s crew members are well-wrapped up to protect them against the worst of the weather.


WS080 “GEPARD FLAKPANZER 38(T)”. Utilizing the Czech chassis and mounting a single 20mm flak gun the Germans found this little tracked vehicle more useful in the ground support role than as an anti aircraft weapon.

    Our snow-camouflaged version comes with 4 crew figures.


WS081 Kettenkraftrad”(Halftrack Motorcycle). This last one is small, but a real beauty, the “Kettenrad” halftrack motorcycle was used on all fronts. Our winterized version is being used to lay field telephone cable and comes in a snow-camouflaged finish with 3 superbly animated figures.





            As you all know, every Festive Season K&C produces a little vignette of Christmas-themed items, this year our scene goes back to the Napoleonic era…


XM006-01 “Santa & The Little Drummer Boys”. Santa listens to the requests of two delightful little French Drummer Boys. In those days orphans or “Sons of the Regiment” were often adopted by a particular unit if their fathers had been killed in action or taken prisoner. Even boys as young as 7 or 8 years of age would be incorporated into the Corps of Drums. Reserve yours NOW!!!





Only 3 items this month but grab ‘em if you can…


AK019 “Panzer III Tanks”. This Afrika Korp fighting vehicle has now completed its run. However with the recent increase in AK popularity it’s sure to be much sought after.


WS059 “JAGDPANTHER” SPG. This mighty monster, although not as famous as the other big cats – the Tiger & Panther – is an essential piece of any German WW2 armour collection.


WS068 “THE PUMA”. This eight-wheeled armoured car mounting a 75mm Assault Gun is also moving out – so if you’ve not got it yet… grab it!


4. Release Date of Iwo Jima Japanese

            We have postponed the release of the new Japanese sets until late October/ early November 2006 to coincide with the launch of Clint Eastwood’s “Flags of Our Fathers” movie. From the recent “trailer” I’ve seen it looks awesome! As good if not better than “Saving Pvt. Ryan”.


And that’s our little story so far… The Chicago Show is in a couple of weeks time and I’m looking forward to seeing and talking to many of you there. Look out for brother Gordon and myself and K&C room displays.

            Until then, best personal wishes and…great sales to you all!