Well, I just arrived back from San Antonio 2 days ago and that’s Chicago over for another year… What a show though! All of the K&C group… both Hong Kong and UK had a fantastic time — lots to see, lots to buy and lots to talk about. Plus the opportunity to meet more than a few dealers and literally hundreds of K&C collectors.


I think this year’s show has to have been one of the best. Brother Gordon and myself arrived on the Tuesday preceding the show and were able to set up our display room by the Wednesday morning. Helen, our new Managing Director and Tammi, our Assistant Operations Manager arrived the following evening. Add to that delightful mix the “Three Musketeers” from K&C UK… Bob, Tony and “Dispatch Dave” and you have a pretty formidable K&C presence in Chicago. Gordon’s 4 massive dioramas were, I think, one of the show’s main highlights and extremely popular. Three were sold there and then with the fourth being sent down to Kings X in San Antonio for show and display purposes. As I’ve said many times before… if you’re seriously interested in toy soldiers either as a collector or a dealer “The Chicago Show” is a “must”. Anyone who misses it really should reconsider… A very big thankyou to show organizer Don Pielin for all his help, support and… spotlights!

            And now, back to business…



A. An additional Desert Warrior

EA024 LRDG 30cwt. Chevrolet (Camouflaged)

As previewed previously, this is the two-tone camouflaged version of the famous LRDG 30cwt. truck. Complete with 3 original crew members, this vehicle boasts a varied armament… including aBoyes anti tank rifle… a spare Bren gun and a “Tommy-gun” toting vehicle commander.


Availability: Mid-October


B. RETURN TO 1914…

From the deserts of World War Two North Africa we go back in time to the battlefields of Northern France and Belgium in the opening days of “The Great War”. Here now are the widely anticipated “Germans in Action” to complement our first releases of WW1 figures launched earlier this year. Although attacking they’re beginning to take casualties… 11 different “action” poses in ten releases…


FW014 “Standing Firing Rifleman”


FW015 “Kneeling Firing Rifleman”


FW016 “Charging w/Rifle and Bayonet”


FW017 “Running w/Rifle and Bugle”


FW018Officer w/Pistol”


FW019 “German Machine Gun Set”

A lying prone machine gunner “mans” his Maxim gun. A kneeling gun commander with binos directs fire.


FW020 “Shot German”

An enemy bullet finds its mark!


FW021 “Dead German”


FW022 “Standing Loading Rifleman”


FW023 “Kneeling Loading Rifleman”


Availability: Mid-October



            XM007-01 “Christmas Truce 1914”

As is our custom now, every Christmas we release a “special” set with a Festive theme relating to one of our different series. This year, 2007, with the release of the “1914First World War range we felt we should remember the unique “cease-fire” that took place on Christmas Day 1914 when British and German soldiers organized an “unofficial” cessation of hostilities to celebrate the birth of Christ. Meeting in “No-Man’s-Land” the opposing troops exchanged simple gifts… shared each other’s drinks, rations and even played a soccer match!

Here is our scene… Father Christmas distributes gifts to a German “Fritz” and a Scottish “Jock” who, for a few short hours, enjoy the peace and quiet of Christmas day. Just 650 of these very special sets are being produced.


Availability: Mid-October



We previewed these all-new sets of “winter” Germans at this year’s show and the response was tremendous… well here’s another preview of them for you… don’t miss out!


BBG010 “Ski Troopers”

Two superb German infantry mounted on skis heading into battle… could be “The Ardennes… could be the frozen wastes of the “Eastern Front”… the choice is yours.


BBG011 “Command Group”

One great-coated German officer reports to his superior on the tactical situation…


BBG012 “Radio Group”

Two mountain troopers make their way through the winter snow… One listening intently to his back-pack radio.


BBG013 “Mountain Troopers”

Another excellent 2-man set of Mountain Troopers… one carrying his skis the other with an ice pick.


BBG014 “Snow Patrol”

Four camouflaged and partially camouflaged infantry trudge through the winter-clad countryside…


Availability: Mid to Late October



        A. BBG009 Raupen Schlepper

The first of two tracked vehicles specially designed to accompany our “winter” German troops released in mid October. This great little transport vehicle is a “real beaut and comes in an authentic “war-weary” snow camouflage… The rear canvas canopy is removable… The driver’s cab interior is fully detailed… complete with driver… A little ammunition trailer attaches to the rear of the vehicle and… there’s an additional snow-camouflaged pointing NCO to complete the set. Great set… outstanding value!


Availability: Mid-November



At last, the much-anticipated new British Paras are about to “descend from the heavens” and land into the hell that was the little Dutch town called… ARNHEM… in September 1944.

Immortalized in the book and then the movie, “A Bridge Too Far”, K&C proudly and defiantly returns and improves on our first big World War Two Success — “ARNHEM’44”.

That series was the very first major toy soldier range to introduce, what has now become, the “industry standard” — the Matt-painted toy soldier accompanied by a wide variety of scale model fighting vehicles.


It’s sometimes forgotten that before K&C developed these matt figures 99% of toy soldiers (from all companies) were high gloss finish. We literally “broke the mold” and started a mini revolution in producing and collecting which continues to this day. Scale wise the original ARNHEM series was the first to be 1:30 scale. Again, a major development that is rapidly gaining ground on the more traditional 1:32 scale.


Anyway, enough of the history… let’s get down to the basics…


MG001 “The Recce Jeep”

A two-man set sitting in a very well-armed jeep… a pair of twin Lewis guns plus a Bren gun and a whole host of fuel, ammo and supplies make this particular jeep set a “must-have”. An additional feature of all of these newARNHEM sets is that each paratrooper is actually “named”. Manning this recce jeep are

(driver) Lance Corporal Tony Neville and (gunner) Sergeant Jack Edwards.


MG003 “Walking Wounded”

Perhaps this 2-man set should be better titled “Carrying Wounded”… here Corporal Frank Townsend shoulders a seriously wounded Private Arthur Coates to an aid station.


MG004 “The Scout”

A crouching Lance Corporal Pete Robinson keeps a careful eye out for the enemy… Sten gun at the ready.


MG005 “Patrol Leader”

Private John Young silently signals a “halt” to his men.


MG006 “Walking Rifleman”

Working the bolt of his Lee Enfield rifle Private Bill Luke moves forward.


MG007 “Pointing NCO”

Staff Sergeant Dave Hull gives direction to his men.


MG008 “Kneeling Rifleman”

Down on one knee Lance Corporal John Ross readies himself for action…


MG009 “Kneeling Firing Rifleman”

Private Eddie Davies takes careful aim with his .303 Lee Enfield.


MG010 “Walking Radionman

Headset in place… Sten gun held ready… Lance Corporal Robert Thompson advances to the front.


MG011 “Lieutenant with Sten Gun”

Lieutenant Jack Bromley a para platoon leader moves forward.


MG012 “Standing Firing Sten Gun”

Private Dan Maclean fires a burst from his Sten.


MG013 “Lying Firing Bren Gun”

Using a couple of handy sand bags to steady his Bren, Private Keith Caldicott provides covering fire for his fellow paratroopers.


MG014 “Kneeling with Umbrella”

Inspired by a character in the movie “A Bridge Too Far” Major Harry Pope nonchalantly observes the enemy positions.


MG015 “Advance to contact”

Three airborne men edge cautiously forward-- Glider Pilot Sergeant Chris Hopwood… Corporal Pete Foster with the Bren gun and… Private Eric Stanley clutching his Sten gun.


MG016 “Major General Roy Urquhart”

A superb standing study of the commander of the British 1st Airborne division during the ill-fated Arnhem operation. In the movie, a fellow Scot, Sean Connery portrayed Roy Urquhart.


Availability: Early November


Special Note: A second batch of British 1st Airborne Paras and glider troops will be “dropped-in” along with other new releases in December!

Look out for another great “ARNHEM” jeep set MG002 (complete with trailer)… a 6 pounder anti tank gun plus 3 man crew… a 2-man PIAT team and… four fighting single Paras. Even more reinforcements are planned for 2008!



As usual we’ve got to let a few old favourites go… in order to bring a few new ones in… So, here’s the latest bunch of retirees…


Second World War Germans

WS038 “MG34 Gun Set”

WS039 “Attack!”

WS042 “37mm Anti Tank Gun Set”

WS046 “Traffic Control”


Allied D.Day Sets

DD053 “Commando Attack Group”

DD054 “The Beach Master Set”

DD063 “The DUKW Amphibious Vehicle Set”


        Streets of Old Hong Kong

HK115 “The Fire Cracker set”

HK148 “The Bride & Groom Set”



And that Lords, Ladies & Gentlemen, boys and girls is just about that… Once again, many thanks for your continued support and feedback… we appreciate both.


Until next time very best wishes …


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director