Hi Guys,


            First of all apologies for the delay in getting this month’s “DISPATCHES” out to you – I literally got back to Hong Kong at 9 pm last night (Tuesday) and today is my first full day back in office…

            Well, that’s Chicago over for another year but what a show we had! As those of you who took part know it’s the biggest toy soldier show in the world and one of the very best. We had a blast… apart from our displays being held by US Customs for a few days all went extremely well. Especially the Saturday event jointly hosted by well-known K&C dealers – Treefrog Treasures…Sierra Toy Soldiers…Bill Sager and Tim Tyler.

            A very big thankyou to Shannon, Pete, Mike, Myszka, Bill and Tim. The Sunday Show had a full complement of my brother Gordon and me from Hong Kong…Kady from K&C San Antonio and, of course, Mike and Sue from the UK plus Fred and Thierry from Toy Soldiers Paris.

            Lots to see and do with tons of fresh ideas to work on for 2007. It’s going to be a great year! For all of our K&C dealers and collectors…

            Now back to basics…


1.      WHAT’S NEW?

As mentioned in last month’s “DISPATCHES” October is a big month for Germans – both pre war and during the war.



A. BERLIN ‘38”

Two batches of pre war German Polizei and winter-clad Leibstandarte are being released. Here they are…


LAH069 “SS-Polizei General Kurt Daluege the head of the Ordningspolizei of the uniformed police saluting.

LAH070 “SS-Polizei Officer w/ sword”. At attention, on parade, sword drawn.

LAH071 “SS-Polizei Standard Bearer”. At attention carrying the Party Banner.

LAH072 “SS-Polizei Presenting Arms”. Carrying the K98 Mausser with bayonet fixed.

LAH073 “SS-Polizei NCO”. A veteran Police Non Commissioned Officer inspecting his men.


The second part of this Berlin ‘38” release shows men of the “Leibstandarte” in winter parade dress of long black greatcoats…


LAH074 “Marching SS man w/ Rifle”.

LAH075 “Marching SS officer w/ Sword”.

LAH076 “Marching SS standard Bearer w/ National Flag”.

LAH077 “At Attention, SS officer w/ Sword”.

LAH078 “Presenting Arms, SS man w/ Rifle”.





            Here’s three of the best fighting vehicles we’ve ever produced… all ready for the winter war.


WS079 “WINTER HUMMEL”. A much requested self-propelled artillery piece to provide fire support for the ground troops. This large, camouflaged assault gun mounted on a Panzer IV chassis comes with 4 crew figures. With a light dusting of winter snow this model’s crew members are well-wrapped up to protect them against the worst of the weather.


WS080 “GEPARD FLAKPANZER 38(T)”. Utilizing the ubiquitous Czech chassis and mounting a single 20mm flak gun the Germans found this little tracked vehicle more useful in the ground support role than as an anti aircraft weapon.

Our snow-camouflaged version comes with 4 crew figures.


WS081 Kettenkraftrad”(Halftrack Motorcycle). This last one is small, but a real beauty, the “Kettenrad” halftrack motorcycle was used on all fronts. Our winterized version is being used to lay field telephone cable and comes in a snow-camouflaged finish with 3 superbly animated figures.






XM006-01 “Santa & The Little Drummer Boys”. Santa listens to the requests of two delightful little French Drummer Boys. In those days orphans or “Sons of the Regiment” were often adopted by a particular unit if their fathers had been killed in action or taken prisoner. Even boys as young as 7 or 8 years of age would be incorporated into the Corps of Drums. Reserve yours NOW!!!





            Three colourful additions to our best-known “Streets of Old Hong Kong” series:


HK154 “The “NEW” Chinese Wedding Procession”. A brand-new sculpted version of an old favorite – this magnificent 27 piece set has been completely revamped and upgraded with new figures and features. Check it out…


HK155 “The Shoeshine Set”. Once a familiar sight on every street corner in the “Pearl of the Orient” – a shoeshine boy and his customer. In this case, a British sailor on shore leave is having his shoes polished.


HK156 “Lion Dancers Set”. Many of the boys and men who perform in Lion Dance costume are trained acrobats. Here one boy stands on the shoulders of another while the “Lion” plucks the green lettuce from a third member of the troupe.





To coincide with the launch of Clint Eastwood’s epic movie “Flags Of Our Fathers” – the story of the flag raising on Iwo Jima, K&C are launching their latest “Iwo” sets of Japanese Marines in a wide variety of action poses and utilizing a seldom seen array of Japanese weaponry…

These new figures are divided into 1,2 and 3-man sets allowing for maximum flexibility and affordability for both dealers and collectors.


IWJ025 “General Kuribayashi. The talented and skilled officer who fortified Iwo Jima and led the brave, doomed defence of it. He was killed in the fighting – his body was never recovered.


IWJ026 “Rifle Grenade Team. A two-man set poised to fire a grenade from their Arisaka rifle.


IWJ027 “Mortar Team. Another two-man set this time firing the small trench mortar.


IWJ028 “Machine Gun Team. Two more Japanese Marines firing their “woodpecker” machine gun.


IWJ029 “Anti Tank Team. These two lying prone Japanese Marines replace the magazine on their long-barreled anti tank rifle.


IWJ030 “Sniper Team. Along with their NCO spotter these two riflemen take careful aim on the approaching American Marines.





            Another great month for Napoleonic fans and WW2 enthusiasts…


A. “Royal Horse Artillery in Action”

            The much requested, long awaited British Napoleonic Artillery – The Royal Horse Artillery, dismounted, unlimbered and preparing to fire their field piece…


NA096 “Mounted RHA Officer. Rising in his stirrups this officer shields his eyes to better see the enemy in the distance.

NA097 “RHA Sergeant with telescope.

NA098 “6 Pounder Gun Crew. One light 6 pounder field piece with four standing gunners.

NA099 “Gun Corporal with Sword. An additional NCO to go with the gun set.


And now for the French… Since we retired our earlier Voltigeurs many K&C collectors (and dealers) have requested more French Line Infantry… All the better to fight off those Scots Greys and Black Watch!


All the figures are based on Infantrymen of the 45th Line Infantry Regiment.


NA100 “French Sergeant “Advancing”

NA101 “Charging with Bayonet

NA102 “Advancing with Rifle

NA103 “Advancing Loading

NA104 “Advancing Firing

NA105 “Standing Casualty

NA106 “Advancing Pointing

NA107 “Kneeling Firing

NA108 “Kneeling Helping

NA109 “Lying Casualty

NA110 “Standing Firing


AVAILABILITY: Early November



The last two winters have seen K&C focus their WW2 releases on the famous Battle of the Bulge” – this year is no exception. Our 2006 release will not disappoint the thousands of collectors who love this winter-themed range…


BBA011 “The M10 Tank Destroyer”. Even better known than our earlier (now retired) M18 Hellcat this new track boasts lots of extra detail – especially on the tracks – and a very realistic “snow camouflage” scheme put onto the vehicle by its crew. 4 crew figures are supplied – two fixed and two more that are removable and easily positioned to the collector’s liking.


BBA012 “Enemy in Sight!” A .30 calibre machine gun set with 3 GI’s doing their best to stay warm and dry and fight the Germans off!


BBA013Jes’ Make Sure He’s Dead!”. As one GI carefully turns over a dead German his buddy offers him some good advice.


BBA014 “Mine Laying Surprise”. One GI digs out a hole with his entrenching tool to lay a mine, his buddy covers him.

Two Germans who have stumbled onto the scene don’t react quickly enough and pay the ultimate price.


BBA015(SL) “GENERAL INSPECTION”. Our latest Strictly Limitedpiece and our last one of 2006 – and it’s American. And very special too.

            Near the end of 1944 and into ’45 as the Allies entered the Third Reich American tank crews suffered appalling losses at the hands of German anti tank guns and mobile rocket launchers like the Panzerfaustand the Panzerschrek”. Their under- armoured Shermans and Stuarts were destroyed in their hundreds by these hand-held rocket launchers.

            To help protect their vehicles and themselves they took to “gaffer rigging” steel frames on their tanks and filling them with sandbags.

            Although this did indeed provide added protection and was popular with the crews it was hated by the “top brass”.

            The “brass” believed it wore out tank engines “too quickly” and was making crews “less aggressive”. General George S. Patton was particularly offended by “sand-bagging” and vehemently opposed and forbid it in the units under his command.

            Here a luckless Sherman M4A3 (with the long 76mm gun) and its crew have been “caught in the act”. A General officer and one of his aides is giving the crew a “dressing down” on their slovenly appearance and their “sand-bagged” tank.

            This latest “Strictly Limited” comes with 5 Sherman crew figures plus the General and his staff officer and, of course, its very own special packaging.

            Just 1250 are being produced. Order yours now!

            This SL set available: Late November



BBA016 “M3A1 White Scout Car”. Another great fighting vehicle and one of the rarer ones. This little four-wheeled Scout Car appeared just before the war and served through most notably with the Americans and the Russians (lend lease).

            Our olive-drab version is in US markings and comes with a driver…radio operator…and standing vehicle commander.


BBA017 “Helping A Buddy”. A badly wounded GI lays sprawled on the ground his buddy, rifle in hand, reaches out to comfort him – a great little vignette.


Available: Early November for all other BBA sets



3. Being Retired

            A bit of a mixed bag this month so here goes…


            AE018 “Pair of Sphinxes”

            LAH032          “Fife & Drum Band”

            *NA001          “71st Standing Ready”

            *NA002          “71st Kneeling to Repel”

            *NA003          “71st Standing Firing”

            *NA004          “71st Kneeling Firing”

            *NA005          “71st Standing Loading”

            *NA006          “71st Kneeling Ready”

            *NA007          “71st Fighting Sergeant”

            *NA008          “71st Bagpiper”

            *NA009          71st Officer with Flag”

            *NA010          71st Mounted Officer”

            *NA011          “71st Standing Ready” (no hat)

            *NA012          71st Kneeling to Repel” (wounded)

            NA029            “The Prisoner Vignette”

            *NA030          71st Pioneer”

            *NA031          71st Charging Infantryman”

            *NA032          71st Marching Infantryman”

            RMB    “Royal Marine Drum and Bugle Band”


*Although we are retiring all of our 71st Highlanders our Black Watch will still remain in full production.

In 2007 we will be introducing a brand-new British Infantry Regiment to take over from the 71st. Look out for them!




            Well that’s it for another month.


Best personal wishes,