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By the time you get this latest "DISPATCHES" the "Chicago Show" will be over and done with.  As I wrote in last month's newsletter it's such a great show and simply the best place to see everything collecting toy soldiers has to offer.

On the Monday after the show I'm off down to Texas... San Antonio to be exact for a whole bunch of planning and business meetings with my U.S. based partner Laura and the folks from King & Country U.K.

I'll also be dropping in on Joan Smith at Kings X - our San Antonio dealer located in the historic Menger Hotel (where Teddy Roosevelt raised the original "Rough Riders") right next to the even more historic legendary ALAMO.

I suppose I'll also stop by "MadDogs" for a few pints of thirst-quenching ale.  "MadDogs" (for those that don't know) is the British-style pub I'm a co-owner of  and ideally located on the beautiful San Antonio River Walk.

Well enough of the adverts.  Let's get down to business...



Our latest batch of Napoleonic releases are beginning to arrive now and among them are our brand-new French Dragoons.

We've chosen to produce Dragoons of Napoleon's own Imperial Guard - the famed Empress' Dragoons.  These green-clad cavalrymen with the white "facings" were first formed in 1806 and saw action up until the very end at Waterloo in 1815.

All of these mounted figures are animated in dramatic action poses...

NA39 Dragoon Officer shouting orders and pointing his sword

NA40 Dragoon Standard Bearer carrying the Regimental guidon

NA41 Dragoon Charging with Sword

NA42 Dragoon on a Collapsing Horse.  This is a particularly exciting piece inspired by some of the very best Russian-made mounted figures.

NA43 Dragoon Bugler.  A fabulously colourful version of a cavalry musician.  Buglers always wore distinctly different uniforms from their comrades and usually rode white horses.

NA44 Dragoon on the Ground.  Another highly dramatic composition... pinned underneath his fallen horse this Dragoon bravely fights on - even with a broken sword!


NA45 Dragoon Firing Pistol.  It's often overlooked that cavalrymen were well-armed.  In addition to their swords each carried a musketoon or carbine and a brace of pistols.

NA46 Dragoon Slashing with Sword.  Heavy cavalry sabres were not delicate weapons... they were used for hacking and slashing opponents (see photos and prices attached).


The first sets will be arriving at our warehouse in early October - the balance at the end of the month.

I strongly urge you to order as soon as possible as these new pieces will be much sought after.  First come...first served.



We've also been working on no less than nine (9) new Napoleonic Black Watch in action.  All nine pieces can be formed up in multiples to make the traditional British "Square".  Here's a brief description...

NA47 Mounted Black Watch Officer wearing gray trousers with a shoulder plaid and traditional feather bonnet with the "red hackle".

NA48 Standing Firing.  His "Black Bess" steady this Highlander takes careful aim.

NA49 Standing Ready.  His weapon primed and upright he prepares to provide additional "volley fire".

NA50 Kneeling Firing.  Similar to "NA48" but down on one knee also picking out a target.

NA51 Sergeant Attacking with Pike.  Wielding an eight-foot pike was never easy but it's perfect for unseating an enemy horseman.

NA52 Drummer Using the Butt.  Reversing his rifle this drummer prepares to deliver a powerful blow.

NA53 Officer with Flag.  Although wounded, this Black Watch officer continues to support the "Union" flag in one hand and his Highland broadsword in the other.

NA54 Lunging with Bayonet.  Another hand-to-hand soldier - this Highlander closes in with the bayonet.

NA55 Advancing with Rifle.  With musket at the "high port" position, this soldier advances to his front.

AVAILABILITY: Scheduled for November release.  These Black Watch figures are always popular and when added to the four already produced make for a great display and ... great Christmas sales!



We're always being asked for old and/or discontinued pieces.  Most of the time we have to disappoint collectors and dealers.  Occasionally though when we're tidying up and making extra room for new items, we come upon some "buried treasure" in our warehouse.

It may be a complete set or often just some individual pieces but whatever it is we know there are K&C collectors out there looking for it - and willing to pay a premium to add it to their collection.

So, please take a look at some of our recent "Hidden Treasures" in the attached list - it might just be what you're looking for...



Best wishes and great sales to you all.  I'll write to you after Chicago!




Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder and Creative Director