Greetings from "the Pearl of the Orient"!

Although it’s a bit difficult to see “The Pearlin all its glory due to the Pollution. However, as they say, that’s another story…

November is upon us and Christmas, or “The Festive Season” as our politically correct friends like to call it, looms on the horizon. And that translates into a whole big bunch of releases for two of our most popular and best selling ranges—namely Napoleonic and World War Two.


First the “Napoleonics”…

1.Napoleonic November

Last year we brought out some French Artillery, now it’s only for fair we bring out their British opposition.

a) Royal Horse Artillery

NA096 RHA MOUNTED OFFICER. An officer rises in his stirrups… all the better to see the “fall of shot” from his gun crew.

NA097 RHA Sergeant w/ Telescope

A standing gunner sergeant observing the action through his telescope.

NA098 RHA Gun & Crew

Four RHA gunners manning their light 6 pounder field piece.

NA099 RHA Corporal w/ Sword

Directing the crew, this artillery NCO goes perfectly with the above set.


b) French Line Infantry “in action

   After retiring our earlier Voltigeurs, many K&C collectors (and dealers) have requested more French Infantry.

  All of these pieces are based on the 45th Line Infantry Regiment

NA100French Sergeant “Advancing”

NA101Charging with Bayonet

NA102Advancing with Rifle

NA103Advancing Loading

NA104Advancing Firing

NA105Standing Casualty

NA106Advancing Pointing

NA107Kneeling Firing

NA108Kneeling Helping

NA109Lying Casualty

NA110Standing Firing


AVAILABLE: Early November


2. BASTOGNE II “ Return to the Bulge”

As stated in last month’s “DISPATCHES ” the previous two winters have seen K&C focus their WW2 releases on one of the most bitterly contested struggles of the Second World War…“The Battle of the Bulge”.

2006 continues this dramatic series with some of our best conceived and animated releases yet…

 Collectors will not be disappointed!

BBA011The MIO Tank Destroyer

This extremely realistic “snow-camouflaged” tank buster boasts lots of fine detail and, as usual, a very authentic battle-worn finish.

Four crew figures are supplied—two “fixed” and two removable plus a .50 calibre machine gun and some great “detailing” on the inside of the turret and the tank tracks!!! 

BBA012 “ Enemy in sight!”

A .30calibre machine gun crew with three GI’s trying to stay warm and fight the Krauts off!!

BBA013Jes’ make sure he’s dead!”

As one GI carefully inspects a dead German radio operator his buddy provides some extra good advice.

BBA014 “ Mine laying surprise”

One GI digs out a hole in the frozen ground to carefully lay a mine, his buddy covers him. Two Germans, who have stumbled on the scene don’t react quickly enough and are rapidly gunned-down.


K&C ‘s LATEST “ Strictly Limited” piece and our final one of 2006…and it’s American.

Near the end of 1944 and into ’45 as the Allies entered the Third Reich American tank crews suffered appalling losses at the hands of German anti tank guns and mobile rocket launchers like the Panzerfaustand the Panzerschrek”. Their under- armoured Shermans and Stuarts were destroyed in their hundreds by these hand-held rocket launchers.

            To help protect their vehicles and themselves they took to “gaffer rigging” steel frames on their tanks and filling them with sandbags.

            Although this did indeed provide added protection and was popular with the crews it was hated by the “top brass”.

            The “brass” believed it wore out tank engines “too quickly” and was making crews “less aggressive”. General George S. Patton was particularly offended by “sand-bagging” and vehemently opposed and forbid it in the units under his command.

            Here a luckless Sherman M4A3 (with the long 76mm gun) and its crew have been “caught in the act”. A General officer and one of his aides is giving the crew a “dressing down” on their slovenly appearance and their “sand-bagged” tank.

            This latest “Strictly Limited” comes with 5 man Sherman crew figures plus the General and his staff officer and, of course, its very own special packaging

Just 1250 are being produced


AVAILABLE: Late November


BBA016 “M3A1 White Scout Car”. Another great fighting vehicle and one of the rarer ones. This little four-wheeled Scout Car appeared just before the war and served throughout most notably with the Americans and the Russians (lend lease).

Our olive-drab version is in US markings and comes with a driverradio operator…and standing vehicle commander.


BBA017 “Helping A Buddy”. A badly wounded GI lays sprawled on the ground his buddy, rifle in hand, reaches out to comfort him – a great little vignette.


AVAILABLE: Early November for BBA011- 014, 017

                        Late November for BBA015(SL) & BBA016





  Even though it’s December K&C are still “pushing the envelope” with new and exciting releases.

  The focus this time moves back to the turbulent time of the Crusades with an amazing (and colourful) range of Moslem Warriors…better known as “The Saracens”! Plus some additional “ Crusaders and a siege machine!


a)      The besieging “ Crusaders first…

MK021 Wounded Man-at-Arms

MK022 Man-at-Arms w/Sword & Shield

MK023 Attacking w/Axe

MK024 Mounted Knight w/Axe

MK025 “The Catapult set”

A wooden catapult complete with three-man crew.

MK026 “The Ladder Set”

Three Men-at-Arms carefully ascend a scaling ladder, ready to fight. These three climbing men can also be utilized on MK007…The Siege Tower.


b)      “The Saracens”An amazing and colourful collection of Islamic Warriors.

MK027 “Saladin”

The mighty and righteous warrior himself, mounted on a fine Arabian steed directing the battle.

MK028 “Saladin’s Bodyguard Officer”

MK029 “Saladin’s Bodyguard Soldier w/Spear”

MK030 “Saracen Drawing Sword”

MK031 “Saracen Crossbow Ready”

MK032 “Saracen Crossbow Loading”

MK033 “Saracen Defending w/Sword & Shield”

MK034 “Saracen Attacking”

MK035 “Saracen Attacking w/Axe”

MK036 “Charging Saracen w/Sword & Shield”

MK037 “Attacking Saracen w/Sword & Shield”

MK038 “Defending Saracen w/Sword &Axe”

MK039 “Saracen Flagbeare

MK040 “Saracen Casualty”

MK041 “ Wounded Saracen w/Flag”

MK042 “ Saracen Firing Crossbow”

You really have to see the incredible quality and detail on these “Saracens” for yourselves. The value for money is second-to-none.


c)“And now for something completely different”



From the Middle East to the Middle Kingdom in one mighty leap! As per usual there are some particularly good Chinese figures coming in December.






IC028 Crime & Punishment”

One of the Emperor’s chosen guards keeps a watchful eye on a pair of captured bandits. Wearing the Caqueor wooden collar it’s unlikely this pair will see many more new moons. Banditry was rife in the old days and justice was swiftly punished…usually with a lethal sentence.


IC029 “Chinese Horse & Carriage”

A beautiful young concubine is esconced inside her richly decorated carriage on her way to visit her master. Set includes horse, carriage, man servant and, of course, the concubine.


AVAILABLE: Early December



HK157 “ The Street Barber”

A revisit to a popular but long- retired subject. Street barbers could also perform very basic medical and dental duties as well as barbering

HK158 “The Won Ton Seller”

Selling bowls of freshly- made noodles on the street can still be seen in China and Hong Kong even today.

Here a vendor offers his customer a second bowl as his young servant washes the used bowls. Set also includes the special “wonton” stand.

AVAILABLE: Early- Mid December



4. Being Retired

You maybe glad that after October’s “Night of the Long Knives” nothing (absolutely Zilch) is being retired this month.



So that’s the story so far…


Very best wishes and…great sales to one and all!