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Well I'm back from the States and once more sitting at my desk looking over Hong Kong's magnificent pollution - shrouded harbour and writing my "DISPATCHES" ...



            What a great show and what beautiful weather!  My buddy Chris Howse and myself arrived early on Thursday afternoon and got booked into our rooms on the 4th floor.  I was nicely surprised by the amount of action (and people) going about in the rooms and hallways.

            By Friday the Hyatt Schaumburg was packed solid and for me the action never stopped.  It was terrific to see lots of old friends (dealers and collectors) and show as many as possible some of the latest K&C items that are in the pipeline.

Everyone was up bright and early on Sunday for the great day itself.  A nice big crowd was gathering in the lobby as I made first of several "round-the-show" tours to see what was on offer.  Come 10AM the flood gates were opened and the collectors came in.

Overall I think it was one of the best Chicago shows for both variety and scope of what was on offer.  A few surprises... Britains don't seem to have much planned for next year - I saw about 1/3 of the amount they had at the previous Chicago.

I have to admit Conte's new Civil War - both plastic and metal looked very good.  I think at long last Richard is beginning to focus on one particular area that he does well and has decided to go for it.

Frontline didn't have much new on offer - they appear to be putting all their skills and energies into their European publisher's efforts.

New kid-on-the-block FIGARTI out of Shanghai have made a big leap of improvement in their figures compared to the previous year.  I particularly liked their Japanese Tank - it will be interesting to compare it to our own (coming out with the new Iwo Jima sets in Jan/Feb 2005).  I saw their woodland Indians also (adapted from Jack Updike's Minimen figures) - OK quality but pricey - US$120 for 4!

I also saw the Rick Berry / Ken Osen collaboration on WW2 figures... should be interesting - I'll be watching that one very carefully.

All too soon the show was over - 4 great days of toy soldiers that I enjoyed immensely.  Next year I'm coming a day earlier to enjoy it even more!!!




(A) As usual we have a few interesting new items for release this month, among them are: HK124 "Chinese Birdshop" and HK125 "Chinese Pharmacy" - These are both brand-new polystone buildings to go with our "Streets of Old Hong Kong" series.  The buildings are packed with detail and exquisite painting.  Both structures feature upper balconies on which collectors can place figures to add interest.

(B) "Return to Ancient Egypt"

The first two of four new releases for Ancient Egypt collectors will also be available this month....

AE15 "The Hunting Pharaoh" depicts a solo walking figure of the Son of Ra out hunting.  A quiver of arrows over one shoulder a bow over the other - This is a great addition to this popular series.

AE16 "The Hunting Party".  Pharaoh has been successful in the hunt.  This add-on set has a pair of loyal retainers carrying the body of a young desert antelope hanging from a pole.


Also coming in December are two more Ancient Egypt sets...

AE17 "The Royal Mascot" shows a powerful young leopard together with his Royal Palace handler.

AE18 "Pair of Sphinx Statues".  These stone monuments often formed an avenue leading up to a Temple gateway and were thought to be 'guardians' of the building itself.

(C)   Santa Comes to China!

XM04-01 is our third very special Christmas Santa Set - This particular one shows our very traditional Santa making a very untraditional "stopover" in China!  To celebrate he is wearing a unique "Hakka-style" straw hat with fringe and carrying two big baskets of "goodies" slung on a pole over his shoulder "coolie-style".  In addition, he's accompanied by a happy Chinese 'Chau Chau' dog.

These K&C Santas have become very very collectable and are eagerly snapped up - so get yours soon. 


2.      GOING ... GOING ... GONE!

Being retired is the following:

HK088 Chinese Garden

IC001 The Emperor and Empress seated on their Imperial Thrones

IC002 The Child Emperor Pu Yi and a "kowtowing" Mandarin

WS57 The 88mm Gun - This may shock many dealers because this particular model has been very successful.  However, as you know, we only ever intended to produce 1000 models of this gun.  And in order to maximize its value and rarity to collectors, we've decided to stick with that number.  We still have a number left - so if you want to get some - get them now!



Both individual dealers and Ebay has seen an amazing explosion in the prices of retired K&C pieces and sets.  Recently one of our old Soviet Assault Guns went for close to US$300 (original price US$89).  An army air corps officer - rumoured to look like Clark Gable, sold for US$250 (originally just US$15).  An early wooden K&C Tiger Tank sold for over US$1400 (originally US$125).  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

So, look out for those '88's to go through the roof.



Apologies for the typo in our last "Dispatches" regarding the upcoming Black Watch infantry figures.  The correct unit prices are now as the attached price list shows.

The offending person responsible for the error was subsequently court-martialled and shot!  We apologies for any inconvenience.



Attached to this DISPATCHES are copies of our latest advertising in the UK Toy Soldier Magazine - The Black Watch Ad and the very latest Ancient Egypt.

So, what more can I write - best wishes and great sales to you all.  Thanks for all your business, we know you have a choice and we appreciate you flying...

Oops I've been away too long!





Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder and Creative Director