MAY 2008


        Welcome to the “Merry Month of May” and this month’s “DISPATCHES”… As usual a few surprises and, I hope, pleasant ones at that!

        So, here goes…



a) “Remember The Alamo!”

These latest additions add extra “depth” and detail to this series plus bring in a couple of famous personalities…


RTA035 “General Manuel Castrillon

One of Santa Anna’s generals… this mounted figure observes the action through his telescope.


RTA036 “Mexican Soldier with Ladder”

Running forward this “soldado” carries his own ladder.


RTA037 “Wounded Mexican”

This poor soldier has been brought to his knees either by grape-shot or a well-aimed musket ball.


RTA038 “Fighting Duo #1 — James McGee, Ireland

The first of these dueling doubles… the enemy are already over the wall and it’s a fight to the death!


RTA039 “Naval Cannon & Musket Set — William Wells, GA & George W. Tumlinson, MO”

Many of the artillery pieces used in the Alamo were “dismounted” ship’s cannon… this set comes with two gunners (one wounded) and an extra Musket, satchel and powder horn.


RTA040 “Swinging Rifle — James Buchanan, AL

Either out of ammunition or no time to reload this Alamo defender uses his weapon as a club.


RTA041 “Fighting Duo #2 — Andrew Kent, KY”

The second of our “fight to the death” doubles…


RTA042 “Mrs. Dickinson & Daughter”

Santa Anna spared no male survivors of the battle however he did release, unharmed, several females and children. Susanna Dickinson and her small daughter are probably the most famous.




b) “Classic Sherman Leads The Way”

Among the great new WW2 releases this month is K&C’s “Classic Sherman. This is the 9th K&C Version of this great American Tank and the backbone of the Allied Armies armoured forces during WW2.


DD093 “The Classic Sherman

This welded hull, M4 Sherman is relatively free of battlefield clutter although it does have TWO different loads of extra supplies that can be placed on or off the vehicle as the collector chooses. This fighting vehicle also comes with two crew figures (a head ‘n’ shoulders driver and a half body commander) and mounts the standard early/mid war 75 mm gun.




DD088 “GI Tank Crew

3 U.S. tankers that go great with our new “Classic” Sherman or any of our other U.S. vehicles. One standing sergeant, one kneeling NCO and one lying mechanic. Very useful!




c) “The Big Red One”

Activated first in 1917 the 1st Infantry Division has seen continues action ever since… right up to the present in Iraq.

Our boys (comprising five two-man sets) are in Normandy in June and July 1944 fighting their way up from the beach, into the bocage and beyond.


DD095 “The Rescue”

One GI pulls his wounded buddy to safety.


DD096 “Over There!”

A veteran NCO points out an enemy position to one of the new guys in the platoon.


DD097 “Two-Man Patrol”

A sergeant with “Tommy Gun” leads a rifleman cautiously forward… the enemy are nearby.


DD098 “Alive & Dead”

A crouching rifleman approaches a dead Waffen SS trooper.


DD099 “I Need More Ammo!”

While his kneeling officer provides covering fire… a BAR gunner shouts out for extra ammunition.


SPECIAL NOTE: All of these new figures can work together or separately to form some very exciting display possibilities.




d) “And Now For A Little Opposition”

Of all the artillery pieces produced by the Axis or the Allies during WW2 the ’88 is justly the most famous (or infamous).

First designed in the latter stages of WW1 this gun was to be originally operated in the Anti-Aircraft role.

However early successes in Poland and the invasion of France showed that it was equally useful in the anti tank mode. In fact the ’88 won its fame and laurels destroying enemy armour as opposed to enemy aircraft.

This latest K&C version… our 5th is one of the most different…


WS103 “The Flak 18 (sf1.) aufZugkraftwagen.

This 12-ton monster mounted the 88 on an armoured half track prime mover body. Our model, one of K&C’s biggest, comes with a crew of 5 Wehrmacht artillerymen and is 3-tone camouflaged in the style of typical mid to late war European Theatre of Operations and perfect for a Normandy style scenario.


IMPORTANT: Planned Production Number for this item is just 750 models. Order Now!




e) “Lighting The Streets”

HK167 “Street Lantern Set”

A giant decorative street lantern being painted by two skilled craftsmen.






 AK046(SL) “Rommel’s Desert Horch

A couple of years back K&C released Rommel’s famous half track Command Vehicle “GREIF” as a “Strictly Limited”. Just 750 of this special piece were made and they were eagerly snapped up within hours of the launch. Sadly more than a few dealers and collectors were disappointed when they could not obtain theirs or get enough to satisfy the demand.

Since then our North African series (both Afrika Korps and 8th Army) have surged in popularity and we feel the time is right to produce another of the “Desert Fox’s” favourite transport vehicles… in this case one of his HORCH staff cars.

Our all-new set shows a specially adapted vehicle with radio communications, a signal officer, a bodyguard and driver plus a standing figure of Erwin Rommel himself. Clad in his famous leather greatcoat this figure can be placed inside or outside the vehicle as the collector chooses.

All other seated figures are fixed in their positions.


QUANTITY: JUST 1,250 of this unique set are being produced.


PACKAGING: Each set comes in its own specially designed box with an explanatory leaflet.




b) “The Union Forever”

From the dry desert sands of North Africa to the lush, green fields of Pennsylvania… and the early months of the Civil War.

King & Country’s latest additions to their recently revived American Civil War soldiers are our first Federal release. In this case, we’ve chosen the 83rd. Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

At the beginning of the war the Union Army was short of everything… except men! Weapons… Officers… Supplies and… Uniforms. To help remedy this situation 10,000 sets of complete uniforms were bought from France. Among them a large proportion of French Chasseur Infantry uniforms.

As was the case in the first two years of the War military dress and fashion on both sides of the divide varied from “the weird to the wonderful”… Our Pennsylvanian “Chasseurs” were no exception!

We are releasing 14 individual pieces that together or separately, in large or small formations make for an exciting and colourful display.


CW026 “Union Officer w/ Binos


CW027 “Union Chasseur Standing w/ Rifle”


CW028Union Kneeling Firing Rifleman”


CW029 “Union Standing Firing Rifleman”


CW030Union Kneeling Ready”


CW031Union Standing Ready”


CW032 “Union Kneeling Loading”


CW033 “Union Standing Loading”


CW034 “Union Standing Ramrod”


CW035Union Advancing”


CW036 “Union Sergeant w/ Flag”


CW037 “Union Bugler”


CW038 “Union Mounted Officer”


CW039 “Thirsty Work”




c) Wehrmact To The Front”

Some Collectors complain that we produce too many Waffen SS” in action and not enough regular Wehrmacht.

Well, these new pieces should help fix that…


WS116Officer Pointing”

A conscripted Police Officer giving directions


WS117 “Get Ready!”

As one Wehrmacht Panzer Grenadier watches the advance of the enemy another prepares to pull the pin on his “potato masher” grenade.


WS118 “Moving Forward”

A three-man rifle section (including a Schmeisser-toting NCO) stealthily move closer to the enemy.


WS119 “On the Road”

In the weeks and months following D. Day German vehicles found it increasingly difficult to move undetected along French roads. Infantry moved forwards (and backwards) by the traditional method… on foot. An NCO leads two of his riflemen to the front carrying extra ammo and weapons.


WS120 “Walking Machine Gun Team”

This two-man set is a “companion piece” to WS119.


SPECIAL NOTE: These are just the first of many new “Wehrmacht in Action” sets K&C will be releasing… look out for more.





Quite a list this month so let’s get on with it…



AE011 “Scaffolding Set”


AE020 “The Cleopatra Set”



All of our Japanese Infantry are going so now’s the time to grab’em.

IWJ025 “General Kuribayashi


IWJ026 “Rifle Grenade Team”


IWJ027 “Mortar Team”


IWJ028 “Machine Gun Team”


IWJ029 “Anti Tank Team”


IWJ030 “Sniper Team”



MK002 “Foot Knight w/Sword & Shield”


MK005 “Foot Soldier w/Spear”


MK015 “Charging Knight w/Axe & Shield”


MK017 “Horn Blower”


MK021 “Wounded Man-at-arms”


MK022 “Man-at-arms w/Sword & Shield”


MK032 “Saracen Crossbow Loading”



RO032-RE “Attacking w/Shield”


RO039 “Mounted Julius Caesar”



WS072 “German Summer Panther Set”


WS080Gepard Flakpanzer 38(T)”


WS091 “Gestapo Arrest!”


WS092 “Tour of Inspection”



Best personal wishes!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director