MAY 2007


So, May is here… Spring is just around the corner and a young man’s fancy turns to… toy soldiers!

Well that’s the general idea if you catch my drift…

Here at K&C it’s time to let you know all the latest releases and give you a sneak peek at what’s coming up in the next couple of months.

Anyway, without further ado let’s go…



A)“Whistling Dixie

As anticipated last Month this May sees the actual release of our revised, upgraded venture back into the American Civil War.

This first release focuses on the soldiers of the Confederacy. Mainly because their uniforms were anything but uniform and they sell better than Federal/Union troops. I can’t think of two better reasons to give them priority!

These twelve first releases are sold individually except for CW012 which is a two-figure set.

Inspect these troops for yourself…


CW001 “General Nathan Bedford Forrest”

A mounted portrait in miniature of one of the Confederacy’s ablest and most daring Cavalry leaders.


CW002 “Soldier Pointing”

Clad in blue and gray this seasoned veteran points the way towards the Federal lines.


CW003 “General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson

Probably Lee’s most valuable lieutenant and a superb tactician in his own right. Jackson’s tragic loss was a terrible blow to the South.


CW004 “Confederate Flagbearer” (Mtd)

A troop sergeant of the 1st Virginia Cavalry proudly carries the great battle flag of the Confederacy.


CW005 “Confederate Bugler”

Standing at ease, rifle shouldered, this bugler observes the passing parade.


CW006 “Rebel Leaning on Rifle”

Another southern veteran watches the passing scene.


CW007 “Rebel on Guard”

Alert and awake this soldier stands ready to do his duty.


CW008 “Confederate Drummer boy”

Boys as young as ten years of age ran away from home to follow the colours. This young teenager has been lucky to find his place in a fine regiment…as his smart uniform testifies to.


CW009 “Confederate Officer”

This officer is, perhaps, attached to Gen. Lee’s staff headquarters or maybe about to march off with his company.


CW010 “J.E.B Stuart”

Lee’s most famous and most impetuous Cavalry commander. Known for his bravery and dash he was also known for his recklessness and, occasionally, unreliability.


CW011 “General Robert. E. Lee”

An outstanding officer and general and the South’s preeminent soldier. Lee often was outnumbered…outgunned…but seldom outmaneuvered. His leadership and concern for his men was legendary. Here, he “tips” his hat in salute as he sits on his favourite mount Traveller


CW012 “After The Battle

A wounded officer is gently led away from the battle by one of his men who salutes a passing general.


AVAILABILITY:         CW001 – 003 MID MAY

                                                CW004 – 012 NOW                             



From the battlefields of Civil War America to the battlefields of World War Two in Europe and the Eastern Front… in one small jump…


WS098 “German T34”

After the invasion of Russia in 1941 the Germans captured huge amounts of Soviet arms and equipment. One of the most impressive and useful was the all-new (at least to the Germans) T34-76 tank. Robust… easy to handle and well armoured the T34 came as a nasty shock to the Nazis. Fortunately for them Soviet tank tactics were primitive in the extreme and hundreds of these vehicles were captured intact and in fine working order.

The Germans quickly decided to use them and, in some cases, made improvements on the Russian design. Our model, WS098, boasts German-style sideskirt protection as well as a Panzer III/IV topturret hatch, three-colour camouflage and a Nazi recognition flag. Three German tank crew accompany the vehicle.


WS099 “German Tank Crew”

By special request of many K&C collectors… a set of 5 individual Panzer tankers in a variety of useful poses—great to add onto any armour scene or diorama or even… just on their own.


WS102 Normandy Kubelwagen

Another much requested item… a late-war version (camouflaged) of our very popular “Fields of Battle Kubelwagen issued in 2006. This time it’s Normandy 1944 and the vehicle comes with 3 great all-new figures from the infamous 1st. SS Panzer Division “Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler” as they would have appeared during those battles in the bocage after the invasion.




C) “On the Streets of Old Hong Kong
HK161 “Clock Repair Man”

They say you can buy anything or have it mended on the “Streets of Old Hong Kong. Here, a clock and watch repairer is hard-at-work…an interested bystander (or customer) looks on.


HK162 “Tai Chi Too”

Even today people performing the ancient exercise of “Tai Chi” are a familiar sight on the early morning “Streets of Old Hong Kong. A man and a woman go through their age-old ritual.





June sees a raft of more great World War Two releases plus a whole new British Napoleonic infantry regiment!

Let’s start with the Germans…

A) “The Fuhrer’s WONDER WEAPONS”

WS100 “The Fuhrer’s Last Fighter”

As Germany’s military situation became ever more desperate Hitler directed his engineers and scientists to come up with all kinds of “wonder weapons” and “miracle solutions” that would reverse the tides of war. One such project was the Focke-WulfRammjager.

This little jet fighter was designed to be flown by semi-skilled Hitlerjugend pilots with only the most rudimentary flying skills. They were to ram their small flying bomb into the midst of the massed Allied aerial armadas then bombing the Reich by night and day. It was rumoured that an ejection seat was provided for the young pilots to get out before their aircraft’s final explosion.

Our model, WS100, comes with a special “trolley” to transport the little jet to its launch pad plus two standing Luftwaffe figures—a pilot/instructor and a saluting guard. Inside the “see through” cockpit you can also see a seated Hitlerjugend pilot.


WS101 “The Transporter”

To pull and position the trolley with its Rammjager jet we have a neat little Sd.KfZ252 Halftrack vehicle. These were normally used as battlefield transports to haul ammunition and other supplies to forward troops. Our model is in camouflaged Luftwaffe markings and has a “commander” half-body figure in the open top hatch.




B) “Somewhere in Normandy…”

Meanwhile back in war-torn Normandy the Yanks have arrived! A whole big bunch of them…


DD075 “The Patrol Jeep”

A great looking set… three GI’s of the famous 1st. Infantry Division “The Big Red One” and their ubiquitous 1/4 ton transport. In the front an officer sits next to his driver. Providing the “top cover” a standing GI rests on his .30 calibre machine gun.


DD076 “Combat Photographer”

A special “tribute” piece to Joe Rosenthal (the AP photographer who took the famous Iwo Jima photograph) and the thousands of other Allied combat photo and camera men who risked life and limb to cover World War Two and bring us so many stirring and incredible images of battle and war.


DD077 “War Correspondent”

The “companion piece” to DD076 is our seated at his typewriter “Ernie Pyle” War Correspondent. This terrific little figure is full of character another “tribute” to the war correspondent Ernie Pyle who wrote the classic “The Story of G.I. Joe” which was later made into a great WW2 movie starring Robert Mitchum and Burgess Meredith as Pyle himself. Sadly, Ernie was killed later in the war.


DD078 “M12 155mm Gun Motor Carriage”

This is the first of King & Country’s KINGSIZE collection… a big, big artillery piece with no less than 5 full-bodied artillery men to man the gun.

Mounted on a Sherman tank chassis the 155 gun was originally of French design. Adapted and improved by the U.S. Army this heavy artillery piece saw much action in the European Theatre of Operations in the latter stages of the war.

Our gun comes with many fine detailed features and K&C’s very own battle-worn appearance. It will provide collectors with lots of extra fire support!


DD079 “General Omar Bradley”

The GI’s General and one of Eisenhower’s most steady and reliable field commanders. Bradley commanded the US 1st Army Group during and after the Normandy invasion… here he stands, hands on hips, in a typical pose


DD080 “General James Gavin 82nd Airborne”

The youngest divisional commander in the U.S. Army during WW2. Gavin was only 37 at the time of the Normandy and “Market Garden” jumps. He also enjoyed a very successful post-war military and civilian career. Here, he is in parade dress, saluting.


DD081 “At Attention”

A proud 82nd Airborne trooper in parade dress. Looks great in multiples…


And now here’s a whole bunch of GI’s… a mixture 82nd and 101st. Glider troops… all in action… and available as individual figures…


DD082 “Kneeling Officer w/Binos

Leading the attack is this crouching officer checking out enemy positions 82nd. Airborne.


DD083 “Kneeling Firing Rifleman”

Another kneeling figure… this one putting in some well-aimed shots. 82nd. Airborne.


DD084 “Standing Firing Tommy-Gun”

An NCO adding a little extra fire-power to the “fire fight”. 82nd. Airborne.


DD085 “Standing Firing BAR Gunner”

Even more fire to keep the enemy’s head down! 101st. Airborne.


DD086 “Running Forward”

Moving to a new location… 101st. Airborne.


DD087 “Warning!”

This “dismounted Glider Pilot” is sending out a pretty clear message to his buddies… “Wait!”








C) “Napoleonic COLDSTREAMERS!”

And now for something completely different… as Monty Python would say!

“Coldstream Guards in Action”.

As many of you know with me being Scottish I always have a “soft-spot” for Regiments from my homeland.

However I don’t want to neglect other parts of the Army and especially my many English friends so, without further ado, here is K&C’s first English Napoleonic Regiment—the world famous 2nd. Regiment of Foot Guards… The Coldstream Guards.

One of the most famous Regiments of the British Army up to this present day, the Coldstreamers fought throughout the Wars of Napoleon and at Waterloo in 1815.

Here, we have twelve (12) outstanding individual figures that singly, together or in “multiples” will take “pride-of-place” in any Napoleonic collection.

K&C has specifically designed these pieces so that they can form up a traditional British Square to repel an enemy Cavalry assault.

Here’s what’s coming in early June


NA125Coldstream Guards Mounted Officer”

A Major on horseback directs his men.


NA126 “CG Officer w/King’s colour”


NA127 “CG Officer w/Company Regimental Standard”


NA128 “Standing Firing Rifle”


NA129 “Standing to Repel”


NA130 “Kneeling to Repel”


NA131 “Sergeant w/Pike”


NA132 “Drummer Boy”


NA133 “Kneeling Firing Rifle”


NA134 “Standing Ready Corporal”


NA135 “Dead Guardsman”


NA136 “Wounded Guardsman”




D) “In The Imperial City…”

As usual, we also have additional figures to add to one of our Chinese series, in this case… The Imperial Collection.


IC030 “Spear Practise

Here, a soldier of the Emperor’s own bodyguard regiment perfects his fighting skills on a straw target.


IC031 “Sword Practice”

Two Imperial bodyguards sword fight.





Existing WS053 and WS054, both 3-figure seated figures, look great when sitting on the benches at the back of our new Normandy-style Opel Blitz (WS090)

For the record, we’re already working on a similar adaptation for the Afrika Korps Opel Blitz.



Four items are being discontinued so grab’em while stocks last…


DD059 “British Bren Gun Carrier”

This little beauty works great in either “Fields of Battle or Normandy settings.


DD057 “Commando Attack”

Four of Britain’s finest in great action poses.


DD058 “Taking Prisoners”

Two captured SS men being escorted to the rear by a Commando while a British MP on motorcycle looks on and finally…


WS052 “Prime Mover”

Originally designed to pull our ’88 gun this is still a great piece and very popular with WW2 German collectors.


And that, my friends is that! Until next time best personal wishes and… great sales!


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director