King & Country


MAY 2005



This month’s DISPATCHES will, I hope, be a little bit shorter than last month’s epic.  However, I trust you’ll still find plenty to interest you and delight your collectors…


1.     “FALL OF BERLIN” Joint Ad Promotion

                  A big thank you to all participating dealers.  I know most of you, if not all, will have received the new German figures and fighting vehicles by now.

The May issue of WWII magazine has now appeared and I know several dealers have already fielded some inquiries that resulted in sales from the 1-page ad.  The June issue (the double-page spread) is officially released on May 3.

We would be very interested in what level of inquiry (and sales) you get from these particular magazines.  Please let us know as your information can help us formulate future advertising plans and ideas.

Our new K&C “German” full-colour, 6-page brochure has just been delivered to us.  All joint promotion participating dealers will get their 100 FREE copies in their next shipment.


2.     So, What’s New…?

(A)               “Streets of Old Hong Kong”

For Chinese enthusiasts there are three new sets becoming available…

HK131 Chinese Wine Shop  Another great 2 storey façade with nice architectural detail.

HK132 Captain & Waiter  This little 2-man set is to complement our upcoming Chinese Wine Shop building (due out in mid May).

HK133 Wine Shop Customers  2 seated Chinese gentlemen, one holding his young son, enjoying a convivial cup of wine.  In front of them a table groaning under a selection of traditional Chinese “hot-pot” dishes.


(B)               RED ARMY REVENGE!

As promised, our host of Soviet Sets and Fighting Vehicles are due out in mid-late May.  Here’s a brief breakdown of what’s on the way (full detailed descriptions were in last months DISPATCHES):

RA08 “Attack!”

RA09 “Tank Riders”

RA10 “Anti-Tank Gun Set”

RA11 “Support Set”

RA12 “Captured!”

RA13 “T34/85 Tank”

RA14 “Katyusha Rocket Launcher”

RA15 “Traffic controller”


(C)               COMING IN JUNE / JULY


Great news for fans of our Napoleonic figures…

                           We’ve redesigned four of our French Dragoon figures to make them the 4th Regiment of Dragoons of the Line.  They are:

NA78(S)     New Dragoon Guidon Bearer

NA79(S)     New Dragoon Charging w/ Sword

NA80(S)     New Dragoon w/ Pistol

NA81(S)     New Dragoon Fighting w/ Sword


Only 300 of each figure will be produced – in a new venture called “King & Country Strictly Limited”.  Each figure comes in a specially designed Napoleonic-themed box and will be sold on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

As many of you know K&C products in general are attracting a growing collector base who value the fact that we do not “flood” the market with thousands of the same piece.  That makes them eminently collectible and a great investment – see ebay for many recent success stories.

Pricing details are as per attached Price List.


(ii)     D.Day Reinforcements

(a)    Our 3 new “airborne” paratroopers complete with deployed ‘chutes (DD56) should also be available in June / July.  As you will see all 3 figures are in different action poses and wearing 101st Airborne patches.

Please note the ‘chutes can be suspended from a thin but strong black thread attached through a small opening in the apex of the ‘chute.  At this moment, I’ve got a “stick” of 7 paras suspended (at various heights) over our conference room table in the Hong Kong head office.

(b)   DD61 “Beach Under Fire” shows a medic tending a wounded Ranger whilst his buddy looks on… a fourth Ranger stands nearby providing covering fire with his M1 carbine.

(c)    DD62 “Calling For Reinforcement” A kneeling Ranger officer and his radioman call for more backup.  Another kneeling Ranger is firing his M1 whilst one more runs up with extra ammo.


3.     Berlin “Ruined Buildings” Delay

Apologies for the delay in the availability of these special diorama display pieces.  Due to the dimensions of the pieces themselves and their packaging, it would be exhorbitantly expensive to send them by our usual FedEx route.

We are now actively pursuing more inexpensive ways to get the product to you as soon as possible.  We ask for your understanding and patience – believe me it will be worth it in the long run.

Until such time that we’ve adequately solved the delivery problem, we are unable to take any further orders for these buildings.


4.     “LOST & FOUND” DEPT

In our never-ending quest to tidy up our stock warehouse, we do, from time to time, come upon some hidden gems.  Here is a small sampling…

MC04(S) US Marine w/ Marine Flag - Originally part of our USMC Ceremonial Series.  This nice little Marine Corps Flagbearer should be an easy seller.  Just 28 pieces.

Elsewhere in the warehouse, we found a bunch of “Streets of Old Hong Kong” lamp posts with Hong Kong street signs attached to them…

HK134A        “Boundary Street”

HK134B        “Hollywood Road”

HK134C        “Shanghai Street”

We have 80 of each.


5.     “COLLECTOR” issue #10

The latest Collector featuring the Battle of Berlin will be available in early May.


Well, that’s the story so far…

Thanks again for all your business we always appreciate it.  Best personal wishes and… great sales!








Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder and Creative Director




P.S.   We also reorganized our production schedule for the coming months and there’s lots of “goodies” in the works.  I’ll tell you more next month.