King & Country


MAY 2004

Another month ... another newsletter! I apologize again for returning to the SUPPLY & DEMAND issue. Since last month's DISPATCHES we have had a major re-supply and I'm happy to say many of the items that were out-of-stock are now back in stock and, in most cases, winging their way out to dealers as I write.


However, we're not resting on our laurels we realize that there are still several outstanding items that dealers are screaming out for and we are trying to get them as quickly as we can. At the core of this is quite honestly, King & Country's ongoing and increasing popularity among collectors.


As more and more people are seeing the products and appreciating the quality and value sales are increasing at a fast rate of knots. At the same time I believe our major competitors have seriously dropped the ball in terms of new product development and production and service to customers. All of these factors have greatly increased our sales appeal and we are desperately trying to catch up with the demand. I as usual, respectfully ask for your patience and understanding of this situation. As a little illustration of this situation, our factories in China now are delivering twice as many soldiers, fighting vehicles and assorted other items to K&C as they did the same time last year. And still it's not enough! Believe me we are ordering even more.


1.          "WHAT'S NEW DEPT."

As promised in last month's DISPATCHES here's more info. on our D.DAY releases ... KING & COUNTRY will mark the 60th Anniversary of the D.DAY Normandy Landings with over 20 individual sets of soldiers, fighting vehicles and display accessories.


Our first six sets are German ...




If only one artillery piece from WW2 could be put in a museum it would have to be the infamous German "Eighty-Eight". This anti-aircraft, anti-tank gun was, without doubt, the most potent and deadly piece of artillery hardware in any army during the war. Our new WS57 gun (our second) is a fully mobile "88" and comes complete with its wheeled bogies and able to traverse 360 and elevate upwards. As usual it is in an authentic battle-worn camouflage finish.


To haul the gun you need WS52, the mighty SdKfz7 Prime Mover Half Track set which also includes a driver and a standing Waffen SS NCO.


Filling out the vehicle are two sets of 3 figure groupings of seated SS artillerymen WS53 and WS54. Putting the gun into action is also no problem - another two sets of 3 Waffen SS gunners look perfect manning the piece ... WS55 and WS56.


AVAILABILITY: Originally scheduled for the end of May we have managed to secure a partial delivery in the middle of the month. To avoid disappointment, please order now. We will attempt to supply as much as we can to as many of you as we can on a proportional basis based on your orders. Let us know now!



June will see, we hope, more D.DAY releases ... this time American. Among the items are the M18 HELLCAT Tank Destroyer ... the 3/4 Ton Dodge Weapons Carrier and Water Tanker (July) ... and 3 sets of soldiers - one set of 4 U.S. Paratroopers and two sets of U.S. Rangers in action! More details in the next Newsletter.



Being phased out are the following older items ...


DD28 "Casualties of War" - the four dead and dying GIs.

WS27 "4 Panzer Grenadiers on Patrol" - the four walking Waffen SS figures.

WS28 "4 Prisoners of War" - the four surrendering Germans.


AVAILABILITY: only a few of DD28 (22 sets), WS27 (less than 20 sets), WS28 (less than 30 sets).



Grab'em while you can - a recent visit to Ebay shows how the value of retired K&C items goes, literally, through the roof.




Recently we have received several requests and enquires about a range of display buildings codenamed "KCB". These particular items belong to and are marketed by our dealer in the UK. Here in Hong Kong we do not sell them. Should you be interested in them, please contact Mike or Sue Neville of King & Country UK direct.


So, that's the story so far ... As usual, we appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you. All the best and ... great sales!



Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder and Creative Director