MARCH 2007


I’m sitting at my desk on Tuesday evening 27th February at 7:30pm writing March’s DISPATCHES. Tomorrow, 28th February, my brother Gordon and myself are flying out of Hong Kong on the way to the “WESTCOASTER”. This great show, first developed and run for many years by my old friend Bob Fisher of “The Old Toy Soldier Home” fame is one of the hilights of my year. Now under the guidance of Craig McClain who bought over “The Old Toy Soldier Home” from Bob a couple of years ago this great collector show is going from strength-to-strength.

        Gordon and myself will be previewing many of our new figures and upcoming releases as well as showing off a few surprises!


Well enough of that… Let’s get down to business…


As most of you know March will be a bumper month for all of us with a great set of German WW2 releases…with the emphasis on transport!


WS087 “HALT!” A 2-man motorcycle combo set. Two German Feldgendarmes have stopped their machine to conduct a “spot check” on all passing vehicles. As the driver sits astride his bike, his dismounted partner, machine pistol at-the-ready, flags down all cars and trucks.


WS088 “ROAD BLOCK!” Two more “chained- dogs” or Feldgendarmes have dismounted and are setting up an identity check of civilians.


WS089 “Dispatch Rider” A single Feldgendarme on his BMW motorcycle delivering an important message.

From two and three wheels we go to four wheels for our next examples of German WW2 transports…


WS090 Opel BLITZ Truck” This, the most famous and ubiquitous German truck of WW2 has been a long-requested item for many dedicated K&C collectors. Our first release is the Normandy camouflage version — a 3 colour paint scheme typical of the late war period. A seated driver…removable rear canvas top plus rolling wheels make it a vital part of any K&C collection.


WS091 “GESTAPO ARREST!” With their chronic shortage of motorized transport the Germans were only too happy to confiscate all kinds of vehicles in occupied lands. One of their favourites was the Traction 11CV built by the famous French auto company Citroen.

Here this little 4 door saloon/staff car is in the colours and markings of the dreaded Gestapo! An SD (Secret Police) officer and SD man closely guard a resistance suspects being taken for interrogation. Set includes a seated SD driver.



This time our model is in Wehrmacht markings and camouflage and… has a very important passenger…Albert Speer, Hitler’s favourite architect and head of Organization TODT…the party organization tasked with, among many other things, the design and construction of “The Atlantic Wall”…Hitler’s chain of fortifications and obstacles stretching from Norway in the North to the beaches of Normandy in the West. Speer chats with an OT building foreman while a German General looks on. A seated driver is also included in the fully detailed car interior.


WS093 “Standing Saluting German Officer”

Dressed in full “fighting order”, this young Wehrmacht soldier proudly gives the “regular” soldier’s salute not the NaziSieg Heil”.


WS094 “Standing German Guard”

Well wrapped up in his long greatcoat this Germansoldaten with shouldered rifle is alert and ready for anything!


WS095 “Marching German Officer”

Striding forward this German Officer looks confident that he can handle just about any problem or situation put forward to him.


WS096 “Marching German Soldier”

Dressed in typical late war Wehrmacht uniform this rifleman looks even better in multiples!


WS097 “Medical Evacuation Motorcycle Combo”

Although short of 4-wheeled transport the Germans had a wealth of motorcycles. Here one has been specially converted to carry a stretcher and patient to the nearest first aid post.


AVAILABILITY: Early Next Week (WS087 to 089, WS093 to 097)

                              Mid March (WS090 to 092)


On the Afrikan Front” there’s also the release of…


AK037 Opel BLITZ Truck” (Afrika Korps)

A very useful desert variation on WS090 complete with fully detailed cab interior…removable rear canopy…rolling wheels…an AK Driver and a battle-worn paint finish.




Oh, and just in case you think it’s only WW2 and only German we’ve also get a little package from Hong Kong.


HK159 “The Metal Worker”

Another superb little old Hong Kong vignette of street-life at the turn of the century. This time it’s a “fixer” of broken and damaged metal ware…pots, pans, woks and all kind of knives, forks and spoons.




2.      “What’s Being Retired…?”

Actually, sorry to disappoint you…Nothing this month everything seems to be selling quite nicely thank you!



April will definitely be different this year with the launch of King & Country’s entry into WORLD WAR ONE figures and fighting vehicles. Many collectors and more than a few dealers have been requesting that K&C produce WW1 figures for quite a while now. Well, it’s finally happened! To be honest I’ve always loved this historical period and been fascinated by the many different battles and campaigns that the Great War offers to a military miniature make.

So, K&C is going back to the beginning with “1914…The March on Paris. Our first releases are all German and are in the typical uniform style of the early war…“field gray tunics and cloth-covered pickelhaubs. These first releases are in “parade” mode…action figures will follow later. They are on their way to battle…the war is still a great big adventure…the grim reality of modern 20th century warfare is still in the distance…but not for long!


FW001 “The Kaiser”

Kaiser Wilhelm II…“Kaiser Bill” to the British Tommies — dressed immaculately in his Feldmarshall’s uniform surveying his troops.


FW002 “Kaisers Aide De Camp”

The monarch’s ADC in typical relaxed pose.


FW003 “The Crown Prince”

“Little Willie”, the Kaiser’s eldest son…a military incompetent who was given, thanks to his father, a field command. He is dressed as an honorary colonel of a Lifeguard Cavalry Regiment.


FW004 “Hindenburg”

The fabled and imposing Paul Von Hindenburg — one of Germany’s greatest generals and future Chancellor of Germany before Hitler.


FW005 “Mounted Officer”

A mounted Major of the 13th Bavarian Rifles saluting.


FW006 “Marching Officer”

Sword drawn this officer of the 13th strides purposely onwards.


FW007 Officer with Flag”

Another officer of the 13th carrying the German Battle Flag over his shoulder.


FW008 “Bugler”

This Drummer/Bugler marches at the head of the column keeping up the men’s spirits.


FW009 “Rifleman”

Marching to the front confident in his cause…his officers and…his country.


FW010 “Standing Rifleman”

About to be inspected or on guard duty…the choice is yours.


FW011 “Standing Officer”

Another officer of the 13th awaiting orders…


FW012 “Corporal Hitler”

Although Austrian by birth Adolf Hitler eagerly joined the Bavarian Army on the outbreak of War. Personally brave he was awarded the Iron Cross and rose to the dizzy heights of “Corporal”.


FW013 “The Kaiser’s Staff Car”

A handsome open-topped, automobile complete with military driver and military police bodyguard.

These few pieces are just the first of what K&C believe will be a very important project for collectors and dealers all over the world. Watch out for more…


AVAILABILITY: Early April (FW001 to 012)

                               Mid April (FW013)



As if World War One was not enough K&C has a major addition to its “Age of Napoleon” figures this April…Some real “heavy metal” in the form of no less than 13 French Cuirassiers and one beautiful little Cantiniere.

Here they are in all their glory…stabbing…slashing…cutting their way into collections everywhere!


NA111 “Cuirassier General”

Wearing a plumed and feathered officers hat this senior officers puts himself in harm’s way leading the charge.


NA112 Wounder Flagbearer”

Carrying his Regiment’s Guidon this trooper has just received a blow to the head.


NA113 “Trumpeter”

Sword drawn…trumpet bugle to the rear this musician prepares to fight...


NA114 “Charging Sword Forward”

A typical Cavalryman’s action pose.


NA115 “Falling-off Horse”

An unfortunate trooper, his foot caught in his stirrup being dragged to his fate.


NA116 “Advancing Forward”


NA117 “Charging Sword Upward”


NA118 “Advance to the Front”


NA119 “Slashing with Saber”


NA120 “Dead Cuirassier”

A fallen horse and his rider…casualties of war.


NA121 “Firing Pistol”

A cuirassier using one of his heavy cavalry pistols.


NA122 “Cuirassier with Saddle”

A standing cavalryman preparing to saddle his mount.


NA123 “Cuirassier Drinking”

Another standing trooper enjoying a well-earned drink. Fighting is thirsty work!


NA124 Cantiniere

In Napoleonic times most regiments, both foot and horse, had ladies of the Regiment (either wives, widows or camp followers) who made living supplying wine and ale to the men. They often wore parts of military uniform along with their civilian dress.


AVAILABILITY: Mid to Late April



a) HK160 “The Shrine Offering”

Another charming little set from “Streets of Old Hong Kong.

A woman and her daughter worship at a little street side shrine.


b) BR060 “16th Light Dragoon”

A late edition to our earlier release of American Revolutionary War pieces. This dragoon is on foot shouting to his comrades.





And that, my friends, is that…the night is late…supper awaits and my Regiment marches at dawn…

Oh well, off to the Americas in the morning…


Best wishes to one and all.


Andy C. Neilson

Co-founder & Creative Director